Tuesday, April 15, 2014


      "Happy", a word that was once just a word  has become a worldwide phenomenon. The phenomenon I am speaking of, is of course the catchy tune sung by "Pharell Williams". What was once nothing more than a word is now all the rage at clubs, bars,exercise classes, churches and more. One would have to have been living under a rock to not know of the song of which I am speaking. It's a song that's title is all that's really needed in one's life to feel fulfilled. "Happy!"

      "Happy". Isn't that what all of us want? I believe so. I believe life can be that simple. More than fame, fortune and romance, I do believe that what most of us want more than anything is to be "happy". Not only is it an emotion that many of us want, but it's an emotion that is sometimes forgotten. Funny how it took a hit song to remind many of us of what is truly important. 

     Being "happy", is important, and more importantly being "happy" with one's partner is even more important. I remember my ex-husband once said to me that he wanted to show me what the real world was like and that life was difficult, not one of having a silver spoon in one's mouth, and not fun and games. He also informed me that life was not about applauding "moi", and telling me how wonderful I was. "Excuse me?" since when do I need a man in my life to inform me that life is not all "fun"? Since when do I need some dip shit to give me a reality check on life? And since when do I need a man to tell me how imperfect I am? Answer, I don't.  As for my response, my response to this man who was my husband, was "well I wished you had said that before I married you, because I can assure you I NEVER would have married you!" Seriously guys, I dare you. I dare you to treat a woman like crap and see how far it gets you. 

     Sadly the worse a man treats a woman the more she wants him. Sadly the worse some women treat men the more those men worship them. However some of us are done. Some of us have learned that life's too short to be anything, but "happy". I was asked what I wanted from a  man with whom I would become involved and it hit me as "Happy", happened to be playing in the background. "Happy", that's what I want from a partner. If I am to not be single, I want someone who I feel "happy" being around. Why would I want someone who brings me down? Why would I accept someone who makes me feel anything, but "happy"? Likewise I want my partner to see me and get "happy" himself. Life is short, and it's too short to be with someone who brings us down. Maybe I'm a dreamer, but I want a partner with whom I can laugh, with whom I can relax, with whom I can be me, and with whom I can be "happy". "Happy", it's just that simple. I want to be "happy", and if a man takes away from my being "happy", well, "I'd rather be single...for now!"
(c) Sean Bianca 2014
Re: My blog is a blog. It is just a blog and not a personal diary. At any given time I may or may not be dating someone. Some events and thoughts are of my own experiences. Several events, thoughts, and opinions are from my friends both male and female.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Polo In Palm Beach

     Polo, the sport of the privileged. Polo,the ever so prestigious sport that the affluent love to play. Polo the sport the wealthy love to watch. Polo, a sport in which wealthy men and women may relax and mingle with their own kind, or not? Polo, an event to which the jet set have been known to flock, but here in Palm Beach is something to mock!

     After declining several invitations to Polo, this past weekend I had the opportunity to see all that I had been missing.Turns out I hadn't been missing much.Missing great Polo, perhaps. Missing the man of my dreams, probably not. Missing a show, most definitely so! Turns out Polo in Palm Beach is more about women in search of men with money then men and women enjoying a polo match!

    The International Polo Club Palm Beach founded and owned by John Goodman was where I was to go. At one time The International Polo Club was nothing more than a place the rich enjoyed to congregate, a place the majority of the population knew nothing about. At present The International Polo Club is well known across the world as it's founder and owner has in his own right made it extremely famous.

     I was not a true spectator and guest my day at polo. I was helping a friend with a trunk show. Upon walking in to the polo club I was somewhat saddened that I was not a true guest. It didn't take long to see that I was more than happy to not be one of the crowd. The crowd was rather amusing. A vast majority of the crowd consisted of many good looking gay couples all clad in white jeans, Guccis, and big pony polos. The other majority was somewhat of a freak show, with women in too high heels, too short dresses and all too tight ensembles as well. Many of these women had blown up lips, boobs and butts. I swear some had JUST been injected only a day or two before. The boobs looked as though they'd burst and some looked as if they desperately needed air. The phrase "let those puppies breathe" was now a phrase I understood. Were there actual couples? Yes, and they were entertaining as well as I wasn't quite sure as to if these couples were truly happy as the botox had petrified both the men and women. To a bystander watching the couples appeared to be at Polo to be seen out and about and seen looking perfect. Perfectly expressionless? Yes. Perfectly happy? Surely not. It was Polo Sunday and it was the venue at which to be seen and a venue in which I rather enjoyed being an outsider looking in.

     As an outsider looking in I was unable to enjoy the brunch, and I was unable to enjoy the match. Funny thing is many of those attending this Sunday Polo match were able to enjoy both the match and brunch, but chose not to. As a gorgeous brunch was part of the venue many women picked at salads and fruit. Dieting? Perhaps, but I'd sooner say many women were unable to eat as their dresses had them far too constricted to eat! While a fabulous brunch was somewhat ignored, an exciting match of polo was being played. I found most women were inspecting other women's dresses, boob jobs, hair and more. More as in what dashing, semi-dashing, or bearable man could they possibly latch on to take care of them forever and ever. I thought the men would surely be enjoying the match, but I was ever so wrong. Truth was many of the men were gorging themselves on the brunch, and when they weren't stuffing their faces they were gawking at the gold diggers with glee. It was Polo Sunday and to an outsider this clearly this was not just about Polo. Polo Sunday was a day of hoping to be picked up, pick up, get inebriated and be seen.

    For me, Polo Sunday was a fun day for sure. I had never seen a Polo match and only wished I had been able to see the match that was played. Glimpses I got, and wished I'd been able to see more. The horses were stately, strong and magnificent. The players themselves were strong, talented and to be admired. The sport was rather exciting, but missed by so many. I was reminded of how as a teen I would make fun of those spectators at tennis matches. Men and women would dress up to the nines to sit in box seats and not watch a tennis match, but drink, be seen, chat and flirt. I thought of these spectators as complete horses asses, as what a waste of a box! Who sits in a box seat to do what one does at a bar? Who goes to Polo to do what one does at a bar? Seems plenty of people go to polo, tennis and more to do what one does at a bar and that's just fine. It's just fine for them, but many of us are not one of them. Many of us enjoy the venue for the venue. I for one am one. Go to Polo and not watch the polo? Hell no! Attend a tennis event, golf event, baseball, or basketball and not be a spectator? Never. I love events for the event, for a chance to see the talent displayed, real talent. I do not feel a need to attend an event to get picked up, pick up, get polluted or plastered. Further more I care not to get to an event by being escorted by some imbecile that attends events to be at a scene to be seen, get hammered, high or both. I'd rather be single...for now!
(c) Sean Bianca 2014

Re: My blog is a blog. It is just a blog and not a personal diary. At any given time I may or may not be dating someone. Some events and thoughts are of my own experiences. Several events, thoughts, and opinions are from my friends both male and female.




Sunday, March 30, 2014


      "You are a real catch", a forty something,successful, attractive man said to me when I was all of twenty-five." "Why is that", I responded." "Well aside from you're being this and that, you don't have any baggage." That was my first introduction to the word "baggage" in a conversation not involving an airport. I then asked what "baggage" meant. I was told "baggage", was a person's children after divorce. I remember thinking that this man was quite cold to refer to one's children as "baggage".  Although I do think some parents have moments of also thinking of their children as "baggage". Nonetheless as a twenty something the term "baggage", when describing a woman's children was not a term of which I was fond.

   "Baggage", a word I heard in my twenties is currently a word heard quite regularly. Turns out "baggage", is something we all obtain after about the ripe old age of thirty. Emotional issues, commitment issues, control issues , ex-husbands, ex-wives, children, pets, addictions, money troubles, sex troubles, legal troubles, and so on, are all "baggage". Chances are we all are going to have "something" after the age of thirty. Whether we want to admit it or not, it's there and it's ours. Yes we are all the proud owners of "baggage". Who knew how lucky I was at twenty-five,  to not be an owner of "baggage"?

    While as a forty something I do not have any children as "baggage", I do have my very own "baggage". Personally, I wish I did have a child or children as  part of my "baggage". I should be so lucky. Atleast it would be "baggage" of worth! No my "baggage", is that of sometimes living back home as an adult child, one ex-husband, pets, and disappointments. Is there more? Oh I'm quite sure, but it's not as if I carry baggage of a 747! 

   "Baggage", after thirty we all have it. The question is how much "baggage", and what "baggage" can we deal with when getting involved with a partner? Do I know? Hell no, and neither do many men and women. The fact is after the age of thirty we all have something and it's just a case of what "baggage", is just too much?

   "Baggage", how much is just too much, and is it wrong to walk away due to another's "baggage"? Many men and women would say "no". Many many men will not and do not care to date a woman with small children. On the flipside those same men want a woman to welcome their children with open arms. Many women will not date a man unless he is financially solvent, but these same women are annoyed by the man that cares not to date a woman who is not financially set themselves. Several women will not date men unless they drink, but are all too judging of a man that admits he has had or has a problem with the drink. Most men want a woman to look the other way on his "baggage", but are all too quick to point out every facet of her's. 

    "Baggage", what's yours? Not only what's your "baggage", but what "baggage" is acceptable, and what "baggage" is unacceptable? Not only what "baggage", is doable or not doable, but is it of the utmost importance? Perhaps in our analyzing "baggage", we've lost what really matters and what's truly important. The person with whom we are involved is what really matters, and if the person's "baggage" is what we are so focused on perhaps it's time to walk away and say, "I'd rather be single...for now!"
(C)Sean Bianca 2014

Re: My blog is a blog. It is just a blog and not a personal diary. At any given time I may or may not be dating someone. Some events and thoughts are of my own experiences. Several events, thoughts, and opinions are from my friends both male and female.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


        Some of us are dreamers and others are not. Some of us like to have aspirations for a better future in our affairs of the heart. While others prefer to be pessimistic as they dance on one's parade, of being positive and happy. These people are what I term as "killjoys". Male or female they enjoy taking a person that has hope down,therefore bringing them into their world of negativity, and doubt. Doubt that our hopes and dreams may never come true.

       "True Love And Romance", is what I believe many women hope for. We women all grew up reading fairy tales. We all hoped that one day our Prince Charming whom we would love forever and ever would one day enter our lives and sweep us off our feet. As adults we woman quickly learned that no man would ever sweep us off our feet. We learned that we would not be carried off into the sunset and live happily ever after. However I do believe many of us still hoped that we would one day meet "the one" that would be our best friend with chemistry whom we would grow old with, and love until the end of time.

        I myself still have aspirations for the "real thing". I'm quite surprised as many of my friends, male and female are complete utter "killjoys". I've been told that men are only about sex. I've been told women are only about money. I've been told men are only interested in women with money, and women just want sex. I'm told men today can not be faithful with the vast amount of porn and dating websites available to men. I'm told women are also promiscuous as they too can go on many sites to "hook up". I've been told that what our ancestors had was not what it seemed, and that husbands and wives lived in separate bedrooms and just cohabited. I'm told the only reason people were married for as long as they were was due to their not living long lives. I've been told it all and frankly it's rather disheartening.

  "Killjoys" that's what these people are, and I have grown rather bored and tired of "killjoys" .It's true, the "real thing" many not come along for all of us, as "who am I and what do I know?" I know a lot, and a lot more than one might think. I do know that if one loses hope and faith for true love to find them one will surely never find it. I also know that my grandparents loved one another until the day they died. My grandmother's eyes lit up when my handsome grandfather entered a room as did his, when she walked into a room. I know true love is not an easy to find. I too have been let down and hurt. I too have been pessimistic and doubtful, however I am still a dreamer and NO ONE can take that away from me. I do still hope for true love and romance and "the one", and until he finds me, "I'd rather be single...for now!"

(c) Sean Bianca 2011,2012,2013,2014

Re: My blog is a blog. It is just a blog and not a personal diary. At any given time I may or may not be dating someone. Some events and thoughts are of my own experiences. Several events, thoughts, and opinions are from my friends both male and female.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Women STILL Want True Love And Romance!

       Kate Winslet  as "Rose", and Leonardo Dicaprio as "Jack", what a pair. To this day when I see The Titanic", I still get goose bumps. Those two together were magic. The chemistry just radiated off the screen. One Look between those two and one can't help but say, "ahhhhh", yes ahhhhh the chemistry, and ahhh the romance. As Jack lunged to kiss Rose I could almost feel his lips touch mine. He was so tender, so loving, so fun and so forbidden.  "The Titantic", was a movie where women could just dream. It was a movie where women dreamt that one day they too would find their "Jack".

       It's true, most women want to someday find their own "Jack". Women want that man that makes their eyes light up the minute they enter the room.Women want that man that makes them feel special, as if they're the only woman in a room. Women want a man that truly cares and will go out of his way to let her know. Women want what "Rose" and "Jack" in "The Titanic" had. Women want to be able to smile when they think of their "Jack" in the same way the elder "Rose" smiled as she spoke of "Jack".

     Until of recent I thought I was alone in my hopes and dreams of romance. While I have some friends that have grown bitter and have little to no aspirations for true love and romance, I have found others still do believe in romance. Not only do many women still believe in romance, but they hope it will one day find them.

     While working out at the gym one day, I found myself lost. I was lost in the feeling of "ahhhh", as "The Titanic" was on the television. Not only was I feeling and saying, "ahhhh", but the other women were as well. We all looked at one another and in unison, said "ahhhh" and laughed. I then followed with, "where's my "Jack", and they laughed, Turned out we all were wondering the same thing.

        True love, and romance, women still to this day want all that our grandparents and greatgrandparents had. Turns out in present day we are not much different from women in the past. Funny as I thought that  I was unique. I thought I was the only one who still had a desire for romance. Not only have I thought that I was the only woman that had a desire for romance, but I thought I just might be the only woman that still had hope for romance. Turns out I am not alone in this desire and hope for romance. I am most definitely not unique. Women do indeed STILL want romance, and women do indeed still hope for romance.

    While men might read this and think,"just like a woman, it's all about her", men would be quite wrong. I may not have found true love and romance, but I do hope and dream that true love and romance still exist. I also believe that if a woman is loved and romanced as well she should, her "Jack", will get the same back and more! I have settled in the past and and those relationships were not made to last. I and many women do STILL want romance. I want what Rose and Jack had. As an eighty something year old woman I want to still feel the chemistry, and I want to light up at the thought of my "Jack". Until I find that man, "I'd rather be single...for now!
(c) Sean Bianca 2011,2012,2013,2014



Monday, March 17, 2014

Divorces And Break Ups, Is There A DIfference?

   A man or woman is in a relationship that does not pan out, and it is called a "break up". A man or woman is married and the marriage fails,it is called a "divorce". Both a break up and divorce are very much the same. Both are the parting of two people that were incompatible and could not stay together. Both are sad in their own ways, but why is a "divorce" judged and viewed more poorly than a break up?

     I was thirty five when I got married and if I had it to over again I would not have married my now ex-husband. I am now a divorced woman. Society looks at me as a woman that failed at my marriage. Many people may look at me as though there might  have been something wrong with "me". Oh there was something wrong with me. I was an idiot to not call the wedding off a month prior to the wedding. A week after I came home from my honeymoon, I informed my mother that I wanted to break up with my husband. I couldn't stand my husband after the honeymoon. I detested this man and I was married to him. My mother told me that it was a husband and not a boyfriend. Turns out I had gotten myself into a situation that was a little more entailed than a "break up". I had gotten myself into a marriage and marriage was a bit more serious than I had realized.

      Fortunately, I have been married only once and the fact that I have a divorce in my past is not something that I am proud of. Society says I failed, and I am flawed. If I marry again and the marriage fails society will most definitely think that I am damaged. People will talk behind my back and say " well she's been married twice so there MUST be something wrong with her!" People may say that I'm crazy, too demanding, or selfish. I know what people say when they speak of divorced men and women. I know,I  too have been one to speak poorly of those with many marriages. Not only have I had my opinions but my friends have agreed and had their views as well. We've all been great ones to offer our opinions on those  of whom have failed in the area of marriage.Upon meeting a man or woman with one or more ex husbands or wives I have always thought that "there must be something wrong with them". Why? Why do people view people who have been married several times as failures and less desirable than someone whom has dated and had several break ups?

       When a couple has been together and there is a break up, people could really give a dam. On the other hand when a couple divorces it's as if something truly catastrophic has occurred. It's as if someone has died and it is the end of the world. I'm asked,why? What is the difference between a break up and a divorce? Is there a difference? Is a marriage ending any more serious than a break up? Why DO people look down on people who have been married one or more times? 

       The truth is marriage is more serious than a relationship,and I think many of us have lost the true meaning of marriage. I also believe many of us do not take marriage as seriously as our forefathers. I believe a good many people look at marriage as a favorite pastime, while others view marriage as a necessity. What was once special and cherished is now not so special anymore. In my grandparent's day people fell in love, waited for sex, married ,and stayed together for life. The words "death do us part", meant something. Most adults got married not because the clock was ticking, they got a girl pregnant, they wanted their trust fund, or they wanted a promotion, but because they had found the love of their life. When men and woman married they took their vows seriously. Men and women went into marriage intending on making it work. Men and women did not go into marriage thinking, "if it doesn't work, I'll just get divorced". Our ancestors valued the sanctity of marriage and all it stood for, Marriage was forever and divorce was a rarity. The question is why has this all changed, and are we better for it?

       The fact is we are not better for it. We are not better off today than we were in the old days. What our grandparents, and great grandparents had was special. In those days people got married and worked at it. Divorce was like a disease. If someone did get divorced it was rare and it was for a dam good reason. People truly loved one another when they married and took their vows to heart.A wedding was performed in a church and was seen from the eyes of God. A wedding was not a performed in a cheap chapel in Vegas and a ceremony was not conducted by an Elvis impersonator. Marriage was not something of a hobby. Marriage was not the decision one made while grossly intoxicated. Marriage was not something one went into lightly. A wife was not something one traded in for a younger model. A husband was not something of value than one left when he was broke. The vows, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health actually meant something, and  were taken seriously. 

      The trouble is in today's world many of us do not marry the man or woman of our dreams, but the love of the moment or the love of his or her needs. Men and women now marry for wealth, social standing, and just because, not because it's a union of two people who love one another till the end of time. I know I'm guilty of not taking marriage seriously as well. I in all honesty did not marry the "one", but the "one", for the moment and the "one", because I just wanted to be married.

     Truthfully, I married because I wanted to be married. My clock was ticking, I was 35 years old and I wanted to settle down. I was tired of the singles scene. I wanted to be "settled". Funny verbage, as the girl who had said, "I'm waiting for the right one and not settling", did. I did just that. I settled and figured that if things failed to work out I'd get a divorce. The minute the thought of "divorce", came to my mind I should have known I wasn't marrying the right one. Our ancestors never thought of divorce. In the old days men and women married with only "forever" in their minds. Perhaps if we too married and thought of forever and ever we would not fail at marriage. If one thinks of forever I assure you one will think long and hard before jumping into a marriage.

    Sadly men and women that have been married several times may not be flawed. These people may well be perfectly sane, well adjusted, nice people that just married the wrong ones. I believe many of us are marrying the wrong ones because we know that we have divorce as an option. Divorce is common in today's world with forty one percent of all first marriages ending in divorce.Divorce is no longer the talk of the town. In fact today a marriage lasting is more likely to be the talk of the town than a couple's divorce. 

     The fact is at present, divorce is not a big deal and I find that rather sad. The fact that someone has been married one or more times does not necessarily mean that there is something wrong with that person. What it does mean is that perhaps that person made poor choices and did not take marriage as seriously as one should. Elizabeth Taylor was married nine times and it was something she boasted and joked about. Johnny Carson also joked of his divorces. Never do the tabloids say that there is something "wrong" with any on Hollywood's protegees that marry again and again. Why? Because divorce is common and it happens everyday of our lives. The truth is it's the year 2014 and marriage is not taken as seriously as it once was and divorce is not much different from a break up.

    Divorces and break ups, is there a difference? No not really and I find it disenchanting. The reason there isn't a difference is because marriage is not what it once was. Perhaps if we took marriage and it's vows as seriously as our ancestors did in the past there would be a difference. I know I didn't, and I know several others that didn't as well. I wish I had thought long and hard before jumping into my marriage. Looking back if I had taken what marriage meant as seriously as I should I wouldn't be divorced today. I would not be a woman that has been married and failed. I can't change my past nor can any of us, but we can change the future. I believe we all need to take what marriage means a little more seriously and marry not the one for the moment or the one that we need, but the one that we truly love. I'm the girl that never wanted to settle, and if I had not settled I wouldn't be divorced. If a man is not the love of my life that I feel I could love forever and ever then I need move on. I care not to have another failed marriage, but an everlasting one. Divorce is more serious than a break up,and it's time we all realize that. I want forever and ever, till death do us part and for richer or for poorer and until I find that, "I'd rather be single...for now!"
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Saturday, March 15, 2014

"Look At Us"!

       A man grabs his date's hand to cross the street, or walk through a crowd,it's sweet. A couple hugs at the airport upon one's arrival, it's joyful. A man kisses his date on the cheek just because, and it's nice. A couple makes out in the middle of a public venue and it's "PDA". Public display of affection is what groping another human being in public is called. "PDA", like it, love it, hate it? Whatever the case may be, it's what I call the "look at us" couple. This is the couple that makes many of us sick, and gives a vast majority the feeling of wanting to puke!

     My summers in Maine I recalled an older couple that without fail, held hands wherever they went. It was somewhat nauseating, but also sweet as this was an older couple. This couple would be guests at my grandparent's summer home on the lake and would never let go of one another's hand. This couple would walk from the tennis court to the main house and down to the boathouse holding hands. I personally thought it to be a bit much. My thought was that this couple had been together some 50 plus years and just what were they always holding hands for? Did he or she really think that the other would stray after a lifetime with one another? Then again how could he or she possibly stray, let alone go anywhere as this couple never seemed to let go of one anther's hand. I later learned that this woman HAD to hold this man's hand when at my grandparent's home, as it was better than this man falling down all around and atop of the boathouse. Turns out this man had somewhat of a  problem with being "over served". This man's wife was holding her husband's hand at all times because she HAD to hold his hand. She HAD to hold his hand so he could stand. This woman's hubby was a drunk, he was all her's, and he was still her forever love.

        As a teaching tennis professional I had a woman who's husband would hold her hand and escort her to her tennis lessons with me. Did this woman's husband think his wife was going to get lost without him? Did he think she was going to find another, if not for his taking her everywhere she went? It was a bit ridiculous. This man would call her "love"when engaged in conversation. My Pro Shop attendant would let me know when "love" had arrived. I thought this man's over doting behavior to be nauseating and over done. It was as if this man was saying "look at us and how in love we are". I also thought it somewhat odd that a man felt such a need to display such attention to his wife in public. It seemed that this man did love his wife and worship the ground she walked on, but it also seemed somewhat fake as well. I wondered how this woman could stand such smothering. Turned out as per a conversation she informed me that she rather enjoyed her time away from "love"and with friends and family. Frankly I'm surprised "love", let go of her hand long enough for her to spend time away. With the constant doting and holding hands this couple of "love", seemed to say "look at us", and why I often wondered.

      Why?  Why do couples have a need to say "look at us", with public displays of affection? In high school I recall many couples wanting to show other students that they were couples and how lucky were they to have someone? These couples would maul one another publicly. Could they not wait till they got to the car? Could they not wait for a more private place? Of course not, it was "look at us", and they wanted all to know how cool they were to have a boyfriend or girlfriend."Look at us", better young teens than seniors. As teens swapping spit is not a pleasant sight, sixty somethings swapping spit is downright gross!  I can think of nothing worse than two old, wrinkled fat, or skinny drawn faces slobbering over one another. Old people "PDA", is just wrong on so many levels. Unfortunately lately I've seen one too many silver haired sluts and studs. "Look at us", they are saying, "we've still got it,!" Got what? Got another old fart to make out with? Got a one night stand with a near corpse? What these golden oldies are trying to say, I'm not quite sure, and frankly I don't really care.

       "Look at us",some couples say and why I just can't comprehend. To each his and her own I guess. I personally do like a man holding my hand when I cross the street, walk through a crowd, or event. On the other hand, no pun intended, I do not wish to hold a man's hand on a ninety degree day while strolling the beach or streets. Holding on to a man's sweaty clammy hand when it's hot and humid is nothing, but stupid and unpleasant. Common sense tells anyone that on a hot, sunny day, no one wants to hold hands and if they do it's just weird and needy. In my opinion if a couple is a couple that is truly happy there is no need to say "look at us". There is no need to say "look at us", as a truly happy couple has nothing to prove. A truly happy couple is happy and they know it, A couple that is truly in love need not display their affections as they know they love one another. Couples that are in love and have a good solid relationship have no need to put their feeling for all the world to see.Couples that are in love and have a successful relationship also do not need to put their feelings for one another on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. "Look at us ", these couples say and why I have to wonder.

       Greeting a loved one with a kiss, hugging a significant other after a time apart, or holding hands to walk into the theater are sweet ways of showing public affection. Grabbing our drunk date's hand as to hold him or her up, is a necessity I understand. However, legs wrapped around a man at a club, or tongues slurping anther's face at a bar is "look at us" behavior and behavior that I see as somewhat flaunting and fake. I want a "real" relationship, not a "look at us", relationship. I believe if a relationship is real one doesn't need to say "look at us". I've had my fair share of "whoop whoop, look at us", and it was not the stuff that loving relationships are made of. I don't need nor want a "look at us", relationship. I want a real relationship, that's real not only out in public, but real behind closed doors as well. Until I find it, "I'd rather be single...for now!"
(c)Sean Bianca 2011,2012,2013,2014