Sunday, September 14, 2014

Settling For SIngledom!

     Settling for singledom. Yes a good many men and women have thrown in the towel on trying to find the right one and are settling for being single, or "singledom". Sad but true. Of course those that have chosen this path don't see their choice as sad at all. Those that have decided on "singledom" are quite proud of their status. Not only are those that have chosen to be single, proud, but they're quite happy as well.

     Perhaps I'm wrong, but as much as I tout, "I'd rather be single...for now", I'd much prefer to be in a fabulous relationship. The point is I'd rather be single, than be with someone who isn't adding to my life. However I do think being involved with someone is a rather nice addition to one's life. I just don't think "settling for singledom", is a very pleasant way to spend one's life.

     I get it, those who are divorced with children feel that their lives are fulfilled, and for now that may well be the case. Yes at present while a man or woman's children are young I'm sure one's life is pretty much complete. The question is will one's life be fulfilled once the children are grown up, and have families of their own? Sorry to be a killjoy but once your children have families of their own you will be taking a backseat in their lives. I seriously doubt anyone wants their Mom or Dad around as an adult 24/7. With that being said Mom or Dad needs their own life.

      I for one am quite independent, but I do prefer being with someone whose company I enjoy. Not only tha,t but what fun is it to always be alone? I guess when out and about, and I observe men and women dining alone at a bar I think it's a rather glum existence. The bottom line is, sure that solo diner may have a great chat with the bar tender. He or she may also have a laugh or two with a stranger, but then what? Then what, is that person goes home to either have a one night stand, (yuck) or an empty home. If that person's home is empty perhaps there is a dog or cat, but it's not like one can tell their pet about their so very interesting evening, dining with strangers. Seriously, is that how one wants to finish their life? Alone,"settling for singledom"?

     " Settle for singledom?" I hope not. I myself do not relish the thought of dying alone and not being found till the stench of my dead body has reached the neighbors. I can't think of anything worse. As if dying alone isn't bad enough, growing old alone doesn't thrill me either. No one to curl up on the couch with and watch movies with, no one to yell at when they break wind, no one to share jokes with, no one to impress with my latest and greatest deasl at Saks or Neimans. The list goes on and on. If one is alone there is no one to travel with, no one to complain about politics, and current events with, no one to ooh and ahh over good food with, no one with whom to make love, and no one with whom to have stupid trivial arguments. "Settling for singledom", in my opinion is not how one should want to live the rest of their life.

    Why anyone would choose to not be open to a special someone is a mystery to me. I too can be quite content on my own and do cherish my alone time, but not not all the time. I suppose some people can live their lives solo with interaction on the various social media sites, but after awhile one has got to want some actual interaction with a live human being via face to face. Wouldn't it be nice to actually say to your significant other that you like what they're wearing instead of just "liking" it on facebook? Wouldn't it be nice to share a meal with another human being rather than taking a picture of the dish, and posting it to instagram, twitter or facebook? Furthermore, I for one would rather retire at night with someone with whom I am in love, than alone watching old reruns till they I asleep. "Settling for singledom?" Only if I do not meet the right one as I do think growing old with someone is far better than growing old alone. I personally am not "settling for singledom", but until I meet that person who adds to my life, I am now saying "I'd rather be single...for now!"
(c) 2014

Friday, September 12, 2014

Self Conscious And Single!

             Self conscious and single? Yes, I admit it ! As much as I would rather be single...for now, I really do dislike being single. The truth is I would rather be single...for now, than be in yet another disastrous relationship. I would also rather be single than partake in online dating, blind dates or dates with men whom mean nothing more to me than being able to say "I'm on a date." Unfortunately, as a forty something year old woman I would much rather be in a relationship than be "single", and quite frankly I do have the tendency to get self conscious about being "single".

      Why do so many of us get self conscious about being single? It's not like EVERYONE else in the world is married or in a relationship. It's also not like we will never ever again meet another someone, but I know when single it feels like we will never ever ever meet anyone again in our lifetimes. When single and not in a relationship  why does it seem like everyone else in his mother is in a relationship? Seriously, when I have been in a relationship it appears as if the world is single and happy, but have me be single and I swear everyone around me is a couple, therefore I tend to get self conscious about being single. As ridiculous as it may sound it's the truth.

      The truth is when we are single it SEEMS like everyone else all around is a couple, but everyone else is NOT a couple. Next, those that are couples are not ALL living a fairy tale romance. If one thinks about it, how many times have we ourselves been married or in a relationship and been miserable? Unfortunately all too often. I can't even begin to count the times I have been a couple and wished that I were single and not part of being a "couple". In reflecting on those wondrous days of being a  "couple", suddenly being single doesn't make me feel quite so self conscious about being single.

          Feeling self conscious and single? Don't!  All one needs is to think back to, is the many miserable times as a couple. I myself can recall arguments with my ex hubby on all too many golf courses, an all out war in Paris, only the most romantic city in the world, as well as fights in five star restaurants and resorts. Self conscious about being single? No not I and anyone else who can recall those glorious days of being a couple. Seriously, look back and I can guarantee being single won't seem so bad at all. In fact in remembering those not so fond times of being a couple, one suddenly feels a sense of peace, acceptance, and even happiness in being single. Suddenly one is not at all self conscious about being single, but quite self confident and content with being single. In fact many of us including myself finds themselves saying, "I'd rather be single...for now!

(c) Sean Bianca 2014 





Friday, September 5, 2014

Marley Over Men!

        Marley over men? Yes, absolutely, and I am quite sure that I am not the only woman that would prefer an evening with her dog over an evening with a man. Likewise I believe many men would prefer spending an evening with their dog over a woman as well. Nights seem more meaningful playing fetch and having my pants pulled down by Marley than nights of dressing up in dresses and heels for ridiculous flirting and chit chat. More and more singles are opting to stay in with their dogs, cats, and exotic pets than go out with an insignificant person of the opposite sex. 

       Quality, the lack of quality in people today is a big deterrent in wasting one's free time with a person of the opposite sex. I for one am quite over getting to know men that turn into complete disappointments, as I am sure many men have experienced  with women as well. If one thinks about it, one could go into a deep depression. How many hours, days , months and years have we wasted on people that quite frankly weren't worth our time? 

    Seriously, looking back at some of the meaningless craziness that I have been through I think I surely may need my head examined. Life is short and to waste precious time on people that don't appreciate our time and aren't worth our time is a crime! What was I thinking? Clearly I wasn't. I've been involved with a man whose son was a drug addict that I had to not leave my purse around who was a sociopath , drug addicts,a gambling addict, a man with a schizophrenic sister who refused to brush her hair for fear it would fall out, as well as a sister with anger management problems, a Madoff wannabe, and a man with  undeniably the most dysfunctional family one has ever seen. I spent nights of my life going to hospitals for a man that was addicted to pain pills, other nights worrying about where my boyfriend could be, as it sure as hell wasn't with me, a night being subjected to a a man's mother flossing her teeth in the living room, another night observing a man's mother behaving as a drunken sow, and some nights lying on couches with men that were too depressed to speak, go out, or do much of anything! Someone should have surely committed me.  As if those men weren't bad enough I also wasted time on complete disaster online dating meet and greets, all in the name of finding true love! 

    As hindsight is twenty twenty I can honestly say not one of the men with whom I was involved was worth my time on this earth. My time would have been far better spent cuddling up on the couch with my pets! I know my pets would have appreciated my time more than the knumknuts I dated that's for sure. Perhaps if I'd been successful in changing one of these disaster's lives I could say a good deed was done, but unfortunately these men are today in the very same place that they were when I met them,nowhere. 

     As the definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again expecting different results I have hopefully changed. Those red flags? I now see them and obey them. I don't ignore them. I need not waste my time hiding my handbag from a crazy addict son,I don't need to spend an evening watching rednecks floss their teeth while in conversation, and I don't care to spend my nights worrying about someone that cares not about my feelings. 

    Perhaps it's my age. Perhaps it's the fact that I have a birthday coming up. I just do not care to waste my life getting to know men and their families that aren't worth it. Life is short and do we really care to know some man's family and a man's past that we'll likely never see again? Not only that, do we really want these people to know about us? Do we really want to waste our friend's time introducing these people to them only to have it fail? I feel sorry for my poor friends that have had to endure meeting my latest and greatest.

   Then again perhaps my failure to choose men worth my time has not all been in vain. I will forever be the hysterical topic of conversation for one couple that had to meet a man by the name of "Andrew". Every time this couple dines at a specific Thai restaurant they tell friends of their single friend whose date left  her at the dinner table while she was in the powder room. As I was not into this man and he might have been on to me, he actually paid for "his" dinner and bottle of wine, and bolted. That night would surely have been better spent with my furry children!

    Marley over men, that's my stand. Life is too short to spend it with people that burst into our lives with the facade that they are the "love" of our lives! I do want a partner again, but one that is as true and loyal as my dog and one that is that "best friend with chemistry". The bottom line is until that man that deserves my free time comes along, I am now choosing "Marley over men", and yes, "I'd rather be single...for now!"
(c) Sean Bianca 2014



Monday, September 1, 2014

Best Friend With Chemistry!

      Best friend with chemistry, that's what I want in my next significant other. I want to want to spend time with the man I am with. I want the man I'm with to want to spend time with me. Sounds rather ridiculous in that one would assume that couples that are couples are together due to their enjoying spending time with one another. Never assume! The truth of the matter is many couples that are together do NOT enjoy spending time with one another, in fact they abhor it!

      I used to wonder why people would stay together that couldn't stand one another. I had a friend that lived in a 3 million dollar home that would drive around the block some ten times as to not have to run into her husband. This friend would call me complaining as to how she preferred life when her husband was away on business or working long hours at the office. This poor guy worked his butt off to one day be able to enjoy his success and stay home when he desired. Unfortunately this man's wife didn't share his sentiments. His wife preferred to enjoy  his success spending his money, but didn't care to be with her honey. This couple is now divorced surprise, surprise.

       As I thought my friend was awful to want to see her husband as little as possible, I ended up being in the very same predicament. While I never avoided going home due to my hubby's being at home, I did say many times, "dam he's already home! How sad that I had become just like my friend in not wanting to go home due to my husband being home. I suppose he had a right to be there. After all he had paid for our home. Unfortunately,I didn't want him there, and that was a problem. It was a big problem in that why was I married to someone that I didn't want to have to be around? 

      Best friend with chemistry, that's all I ever wanted in a husband. I don't know I guess I had grand visions of my husband being my buddy. He'd be my snuggle buddy, my golf buddy, my work out buddy, my everything buddy. I wanted my husband to be someone with whom I wanted to spend my time. I thought men and women got married because they fell in love, and liked being with one another. Then again I suppose people get married for various reasons. Some for a wallet, some for mere companionship, and others for status. I wanted my marriage to be the real thing, the stuff movies are made of and books are written. I didn't want a business deal, I wanted a best friend with chemistry.

      Best friend with chemistry, that's what I wanted and that's what I still want. I want a man that I can cuddle up on the couch with and watch tv, not a man that sits in a lazy boy as if it's his throne. I want a man whom I can enjoy walking the dog, not a man who may hang the dog. I want a man whom I can have fun with on the golf course, not a man that complains of my making a shadow in his line. Seriously? I didn't know I was on the course with the likes of Tiger Woods. I want a man that is impressed with my being athletic not a dipstick with an inferiority complex. I want a man whom has my back and I have his as well. I want a friend with whom I can laugh, cry, banter and tease. What I want isn't much to ask, it's really quite simple and if everyone actually married someone with whom they were in love and enjoyed spending time, there just might be a whole heck of a lot more successful marriages.

      The question is does anyone actually ever find a best friend with chemistry? Yes they do. A friend of mine informed me that he really didn't have any desire to hang out with his guy friends. He said, "you know I really like hanging out with my fiance', is that wrong?" My reply was no. I told him I thought that a man actually wanting to be with his fiance' was how it should be, and how I had wanted my marriage to be. The trouble is I think many of us get so wrapped up in wanting to be married and that biological clock ticking, that we forget what's truly important. Getting married is easy, it's marrying the right one that's difficult. I forgot what I wanted in a partner, and what I always wanted was a best friend with chemistry. Until I find that best friend or until he finds me, "I'd rather be single...for now!
(c) Sean Bianca 2014

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Poor Pecker Pickers !

    Pecker pickers, are YOU a good "pecker picker"? Are you a fair "pecker picker"? Are you poor "pecker picker", or are you an outstanding, "pecker picker"? Chances are unless you are a gay man you do not have a "pecker picker". By and large women are the vast majority of "pecker pickers", and unfortunately all too many women are bad to horrendous "pecker pickers". Why is this? I too have been accused of being told that my "picker", was broken, or that I am a "poor picker", and now I may add that I am a terrible "pecker picker".

     I had never heard the term "pecker picker", until of recent, and I've got to say it fits. In fact it unfortunately fits a great many women. As per a recent conversation with a twice divorced woman she informed me that she liked to say that she was just a "poor pecker picker". I loved it and upon thinking about it, I too am a "poor pecker picker". I guess in terming not being a great judge of character being a "poor pecker picker", one may make light of a character defect in oneself. As they say it's easier to laugh than cry and my choices in men could definitely make one cry! 

    What makes one a "poor pecker picker"? Well, when a woman continuously chooses men who are physically and or verbally abusive,disrespectful, lying, cheating, amoral, alcohol and or drug abusing, unemployed schmucks, they can be deemed a "poor pecker picker"!  Upon listing all of the negative qualities that my pecker picker has chosen I surely should have my head examined.Why would ANY sane individual actually choose a partner with those qualities? The answer is simple, a sane individual would NOT choose a partner with those qualities, any of them. The sad part is many of my choices in men have not had one or two negative qualities as previously mentioned, but several! Quite clearly I and women that have chosen men that are one or more of these negative qualities are "poor pecker pickers"! My question is why do women do this?Why do seemingly smart, attractive, intelligent, and nice women choose men with less than redeeming qualities over and over?

    Change. Change is why women with "poor pecker pickers" choose these men. I believe that like it or not women with "poor pecker pickers" want to change men. Perhaps these women myself included have a need to feel needed, and a need to feel "in charge". Choose a man that's got it all together and what does he need us for? Why a man that's got it going on might actually be nice to us and not disappoint us. A man that's got his act together and is nice can't let us down and be the reason for another relationship not working out. No, "poor pecker pickers", know if they choose a man who is a liar that it won't work out. "Poor pecker pickers" know if they choose a man who doesn't call when he should due to drinking or drugging that they'll be let down. "Poor pecker pickers" also know that if a man they choose lies to others that they'll also lie to them as well. "Poor pecker pickers", know that a relationship with a man that is not together will ultimately fail, and perhaps that's what "poor pecker pickers" want. They want their relationships to be with men that do not have it together so that just maybe if a relationship fails with a great guy it'll be their fault and not the guy's. Or just maybe women who are guilty of being "poor pecker pickers" are afraid of a relationship that could actually be successful. Let me just say that many women are all too often guilty of enjoying drama! Good gracious where would the drama be in a relationship with a man that is nice, caring, moral, non drug using and successful? Why one might just have a nice relationship that actually worked. One might not spend their days worrying or crying. Yes if one became a "good pecker picker" one might just enjoy a relationship for the first time in their life, but why would one want THAT?

   "Poor pecker picker"? Yup that's been me and what has it gotten me? Oh it's given me many failed relationships, much disappointment, a lot of stress, many tears and a divorce. My being a "poor pecker picker" has given me nothing but heartache and drama. As I am not insane, I am at a quandary as to why I have chosen to be such a disastrous "pecker picker"! Perhaps I'm slightly insane or perhaps I and other women like myself feel a need to mold a man into what we'd like them to be as to feel in control and needed. One also doesn't take the time to work on their own faults if their wrapped up in a relationship with someone whom they are trying to "fix". The bottom line is women that are "poor pecker pickers" choose  these men in part due to their NOT wanting to look at themselves and due to their enjoying misery!

    I for one am quite tired of my "poor pecker picker". In fact at the moment my "pecker picker", is not even turned on at the moment. The pecker is going to have to choose me as it is time I truly enjoy being single and getting to know "me". I and other women with "poor pecker pickers"need to realize that life does not need to be torturous, tearful and tumultuous! The truth is I and many other "poor pecker pickers", would love to be in relationships with peckers, but with nice, respectful, and moral peckers not cold hearted, disrespectful, using and abusing peckers and therefore I am saying, "I'd rather be single...for now!"

(c) Sean Bianca 2014 


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Tired Of Taking Time...


    Sick and tired of being single? I know I am, and I would think most adults with any intelligence would be as well. Frankly I'm "tired of taking the time", it takes to be single! As an over forty year old woman I really am over the whole dating thing. It's a process, and one that gets real old, real fast. Unfortunately not all men and women share my sentiments, and I personally have to wonder about those men and women that actually enjoy being single after the age of thirty five.

     Being single and alone is the easy part. I'm the first to say, "I'd rather be single...for now!" That is I'd rather be single than be with some dip shit,, but the truth is I'd rather be in a relationship than attempting to find the right one. Finding the right one is the hard part. Dating is NOT fun, it's actually quite painful. In fact I'd rather have a root canal than go on a first date with someone new, perhaps that's why I seem to go out with men that are friends whom I've known for some time. It's easy and comfortable. Going out with a man whom I've known doesn't take work. After forty I'm just not into the time and effort it takes for a first date with someone new.

     I who once  loved primping and getting glammed up for dates am now sick and tired of being single, and attempting to look my best for someone who is frankly not worth my time and energy. It takes work to get ready for a date, and work that is many times a gigantic waste of time. Granted thanks to an ex being a psychotic nut job at my not being late, I am an expert at getting ready in a flash, but it's still time consuming. Time that most men these days don't deserve. I guarantee that a  man isn't spending half the time we women do getting ready for a date. If we're so lucky a man will shower and shave prior to a date. Many might be surprised, but I have had a date or two with men that did not so much as even shower prior to going out with me. Seriously? Yes, seriously! As hindsight is 20/20 I now wished I'd just forgone going through with those dates and suggested they use our not happening date to go home and bathe!

     Most women do take a good while to prepare for a date, and for a woman preparing for a date is a rather lengthy process. Most women shower and blow dry their hair prior to a date. For myself my hair is not what it once was so it's a quick dry, but for some women it can take up to three hours for them to dry their hair. After the hair is dry some women flat iron, and some curl their locks, and some place removable hair extensions in their heads. I'm sure men love those. Think about it, a man thinks his date has gorgeous hair, and oops it comes out as he puts his hands through his date's hair! I have to admit I on occasion have done the clip in hair. As for curling and truly "doing" my hair , it's been quite sometime! I do remember having put much more effort into my looks and always curling my hair before a first date. I even curled my eye lashes! Weren't those guys lucky? Wow, I haven't  done either in years! Guess I tired early of attempting to look perfect for a date! Lord knows most men are far less than perfect for a date. Have you observed couples lately? More often than not the woman looks adorable from head to toe and the man appears to have literally jumped out of bed and into whatever happened to be laying out from the previous night! Like I said men are not putting forth anywhere near close to the effort than a woman does in getting prepared for a date. I haven't even spoken of a woman's make-up! Add to a woman's hair, applying make-up and we're up to a good hour and a half for most. Thankfully I am able to do my make up quite quickly, but for some women who opt for fake eye lashes, lip liner, face lift straps, eyelid upper lifters, and God knows what else, we could be talking a good part of the day. I'm quite sure some women have almost all but missed dates due to their make-up application! One can only imagine what these women look like sans make-up, I hate to think! One has to pity the poor bastard that wakes up with those women. I think many of those women would do themselves a favor by NOT applying so much to themselves as to not surprise their date with their real faces. In fact many of those women probably look better without their faces done up. All in all the bottom line is that women put a lot more time, preparation, and energy into a date with a man, and I do believe many of us are frankly "tired of taking the time".

      Perhaps being "tired of taking the time", to get ready for a date sounds lame, and I agree, but it's the truth. I hate to think of how many hours I have wasted on men that would have been time well spent on true friends, family, my dogs or myself! Doing myself up to listen to some egotistical jerk speak of nothing but himself is annoying. Even more annoying is going out with some pompous prick that wants nothing more than to jump in the sack! My last first date attempted to get laid in a movie theater. When getting lucky in the empty theater didn't happen, this man asked me to go home. I informed him that first and foremost we were NOT having sex and second I had to get up early for work. Upon my stating I needed to wake up early this man said, " oh it won't take long, thirty minutes"! I wished I'd replied, " then what's the point?" I humored him instead and said my good byes. Nonetheless I wished I'd spent that evening at home with my dogs than with some schmuck that could give two shits about me and just wants to get his rocks off. Sad that a seemingly intelligent man doesn't want more out of life! 

      Yes, I am" tired of taking the time", to get ready for an evening of a wrestling match with a man to get off of me, meaningless conversation, and endless boring dinners. Jaded? Yes I may be, but I'm "tired of taking the time", out of my life for someone that doesn't deserve my presence, and I would hope most intelligent adults, male or female would share my sentiments. I guess one never knows if they don't try, but after a few nights from hell with the likes of what I've been out with, who could blame me? As I am "tired of taking the time", I am happily saying, "I'd rather be single...for now!"

(c)Sean Bianca 2014

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sex Or Stability?

    Sex or stability? What do men and woman really want after thirty? I and most, would like to have it all. Unfortunately the general consensus is that having both great sex and stability is an impossible combination. Is it really? Is great sex and stability an impossibility or are many of us just settling for one or the other as we're too impatient to wait for that man or woman with whom we have great chemistry AND friendship, and someone on whom we can depend?

    As per a recent conversation I was informed that great sex AND stability were NOT possible. The combination of outstanding chemistry and reliability appear to be nothing more than a fantasy for most. Many women attribute great sex, with a bad boy. Likewise, most men attribute great sex with a bad girl. Is it true that great sex can only be had with the bad boy? Is it fact that a man may only have great sex with a bad girl?

   Many women seem to have this hope that a James Dean type will come into our lives and take us to places never been. Women like to fantasize that this bad boy will drive up in his sports car, or motorcycle, attack us like there's no tomorrow, and take us away. As stupid as it may sound, it's true. All women, or most want a "bad boy" that will take us by surprise while he grabs us somewhat forcefully, and brings us in closely making our hearts beat out of our chests. All this, while  of course pulling our hair and kissing us passionately. Who ever said, "a kiss is just a kiss", I assure you had never been truly kissed! 

   As many women have a dream for that of James Dean, many men have a dream for Marilyn Monroe, or Angelina Jolie. A good lot of men find themselves continuously pursuing the "bad girl" with whom they may have raw, rough and tough sex and not make "love". These men seem to get off on the "bad girl", in her six inch stilletos, plump lips, and tight fitting dresses.The "bad girl" is the girl men want for errotic sex, but not the girl whom they wish to marry or whom with they will settle down.

     Sex or stability? Must we make a choice? Many would say yes, I say not. I do believe the bad boy that may well offer us excitement and crazy chemistry will not be the man whom will stick by us in old age. I also the believe the big lipped, bad girl oozing sex appeal will not likely be the woman that will be by a man's bedside, when he is in poor health. While seeing that these bad girls and boys are not stellar choices for a lifelong partner, I also am of the opinion that we must not settle for not stability without good or great sex either! 

    Sex or stability? Must we choose? I say not. While men may gravitate towards the buxom, blond bimbos for great sex, is she a man's only chance for great sex? At the same time, is the tall dark brooding bad boy,  a woman's only hope for having the earth move? No! In fact, many women that have slept with every man from here to Timbucktu may not be half as good in the sack as the sophisticated, conservatively dressed proper woman. Surprisingly many of the sluttiest women don't even like sex much less love it! Why would they? Many of these more promiscuous women have been on their backs since the ripe old age of twelve. At the same time while women are of the belief that a bad boy may be her only chance at rocking her world, she is incorrect. Many "bad boys" aren't as into sex as one might think. It's hard for a "bad boy" to rock any woman's world when he's overly intoxicated or high on blow. That being said, women might be surprised by the more straight laced conservative man. It's no secret that many of D.C.'s politicians are not immune to that of a sex scandal or two!

    Sex or stability? Must we make a choice? No. We don't have to make a choice. Lest us not forget that the best sex comes when two people are truly in love. As much as men hate to say it, they too admit that their best sex was with the women with whom they were in love. Even sluts and studs agree that wham bam thank you ma'am, is nothing as compared to making love. When making love with someone with whom we are in love, it's real and it's far better than that brooding bad boy, or plump lipped voluptuous bad girl. 

   Sex or stability? I say both. I say we can all have both if we are patient enough to allow it to happen. One never knows with whom they may fall in love with, and what may transpire. Personally I choose both great sex and stability. I choose to not live without one or the other. While great sex is a must it will not stand by me in difficult times, and while I do need someone whom I may depend upon, it will not be enough to keep me satisfied, but that's just me, or is it? I don't feel we should "settle", as it's been tried and tested. I am choosing BOTH sensational sex, and stability, and if it doesn't come my way, "I'd rather be single ... For now!
(C)Sean Bianca 2014