Wednesday, March 11, 2015

"Wow, It's That Easy!"

       "Wow, It's that easy", said the six foot two, attractive young executive. What's that easy? Bedding young women, that's what. Apparently if a man is single and somewhat attractive, a man can easily sleep with a different woman every night, if he so chooses to do so. Let me add that a man is able to get laid on the first date as well. Yes, it's that easy out there. It's easy to have sex, and it's easy to have sex without strings attached. A man can have his fun, send a text such as, "had a great time, and talk to you soon", and move on to the next, or if he so desires he may text a conquest again. "It's that easy!"

       As a divorced woman I have to admit I was quite disgusted at hearing how "easy" it is out there to be a man. I was not at all disgusted with the man however, I was disgusted with the young women. How women can think so little of themselves that they would give their hearts away so easily on a first date is incomprehensible to me. These women quite obviously have little respect for themselves, have little to no control, and or no values or scruples. While many women feel that they may be able to be just like the men and jump into bed with whomever, and whenever, the men are laughing behind their backs. The men are joking and boasting with family, friends, and their tennis pro, yours truly!

     With the lack of values of women today it really shouldn't be a shock that men now treat most women with zero to no respect. How can a man possibly have any thread of respect for a woman when she clearly doesn't respect herself? They can't, and frankly I don't blame them. It's pathetic! How can women be so naive and cheap? Do these women think that men with whom they jump into bed with on the first date will ever really like them, much less love them? Perhaps if a woman is pretty enough, thin enough, boobalicious enough, rich enough, or good enough in bed, a man will call again. Once in a blue moon, a man may even have a girl he screwed on the first date as a girlfriend, but it's rare, very rare. Why? Simple, because men like to hunt, and men want a challenge, and if a woman is conquered too easily he will quickly be out hunting again.

     Men, hunters? Of course. Men do not change. Most men want a woman who is a challenge, men love the chase. Surprisingly even the nerdiest of nerds like a woman that is hard to get. Men do not want a woman who is so easily had. Let's face it, if a woman  can jump into bed the first night with one man, then how many other men has she jumped into bed with on a first meeting? Several I'm sure. Now I'm thinking STDs, as in how many different sexually transmitted diseases must these women possess? God only knows, but personally if I were a man I wouldn't want to be visiting somewhere a slew of men have been prior to myself. I mean how disgusting a thought is that? Just saying. 

     "Wow it's that easy", said the young executive, but the young man was not able to say those words with one woman. Yes apparently there are still SOME women out there that still have some sense of worth, and self respect, and those are the women who get the men. Yes indeed they do, as the young man that stated, "it's that easy", was still very much interested in the young lady that did not sleep with him on date number one, proving that times have not really changed. "You've come along way baby"? Yes women have in many ways, but when it comes to sex, times have not really changed much at all. The women's libbers can rant, rave, and fuss all they want, but the men will always be studs, and the women will always be sluts. I have to say, if I were a man and had women sleeping with me without much effort, I too would walk away and say, "I'd rather be single...for now!"
(c)Sean Bianca 2015

Friday, March 6, 2015

Corsages and BJs!

     Remember when a boy would buy a girl a corsage? Probably not as it was a time many of us have forgotten. A corsage was what a girl was given prior to a school dance back in the days of Elvis, rock 'n roll, and Ozzie and Harriet. It was a different time, a very different time. Funny enough my Uncle as a young teenage boy bought a girl a corsage not for a dance, but just because. He gave her a corsage just because he had a crush on her. It was sweet. My uncle was later embarrassed as the girl's mother called his mother and told her what my Uncle Donnie had done. The girl's mother thought it to be adorable, and also somewhat humorous, as both she and my grandmother had a good laugh. Boys usually gave girls corsages to wear for a prom or big dance not just because they were in "puppy love". Be it what it was, it was a sweet gesture and one of innocence, innocence now lost.

    In the fifties boys were nervous and unsure. Teenage boys saw girls they liked and hoped that they might get a date, and prayed that they might even get a kiss, a kiss on the cheek. Fast forward to today, and twelve year old girls are now giving "blow jobs" to keep their boyfriends. At twelve I hadn't heard the words "blow job" let alone know what it was, and I am quite glad for that. At twelve I was still a little girl. I was a little girl that just started noticing boys. I was innocent. I had a crush on a boy named Alastair, who was blond, tan, a top ranked tennis player, and cool as all get out. To top it off Alastair could play Space Invaders and Pacman like no body's business! I remember the first time I spotted Alastair and I was in awe. If I could ever just have Alastair know my name was enough for me. I eventually did get to know this boy with whom I was so infatuated.  I was in a tennis clinic with Alastair and we eventually became friends and hitting buddies. We never dated, we never kissed, and I certainly never gave this boy a "blow job" but it was innocent. It was nice and it's a nice memory as well. Alastair was my first real crush.

      Today too many young girls are no longer little girls. At twelve, many girls are doing everything but sex and some are also having sex. Thanks to former President Clinton the "blow job" became famous as young kids thought nothing of oral sex. Bill Clinton made it known that oral sex was not "sex" as it was not actually the act of "sex". As I do not have children myself, I was unaware of just how quickly young kids were growing up. I was unaware until a twelve year old girl whom I was teaching tennis to, asked me if she had to give a "blow job" to her boyfriend so she could keep him. I just about fell over. I quite obviously informed her that she did not have to do any such thing, and asked just what she had a boyfriend for at her age anyway? I don't know why I was surprised, as a friend's son at the age of fourteen had just been suspended from school for having been caught on the school bus being given oral sex by not one, but two young girls. One would think that such behavior would be from an inner city school, it was not, it was a fine private school. The funny thing is, is that the boy was suspended and the girls were not. I have to ask why? It would seem to me that all three should have been suspended, and the girls should have been grounded for the rest of the school year! The sad thing is the behavior of young kids today is the result of what is on television, on the news, seen and heard at home, and accepted.

      Today I have difficulty in the fast pace that children are growing up. Kids should be kids. One is only a child once and to not ever enjoy being a child is a real crime. At twelve or thirteen a girl should not be performing oral sex, worrying about keeping a boyfriend, being pregnant, having a baby or having an abortion. At twelve a girl should be giddy, innocent, and happy to have a boy with whom she plays tennis golf, basket ball or Xbox. I am quite glad that I was in the dark about the meaning of a "blow job" at the age of twelve. I'm just sad that today girls know so much, and experience so much at such a young age. Innocence is something we're losing, thanks to women's lib and modern times. I am very glad to be a forty something, as I would prefer a boy give me a corsage than demand a "BJ". If I had a daughter I'd tell her that if a boy demands you give him a "blow job" you walk away and say, "I'd rather be single...for now!"
(c)Sean Bianca 2015

Sunday, March 1, 2015

"You've Come Along Way Baby", Or Have We?

     In 1968 an ad campaign was launched by the cigarette company, "Virginia Slims". The slogan was "You've Come Along Way". The ad campaign was introduced during the era of the woman's movement and later it was changed to, "You've Come Along Way Baby!" It was during the time of Gloria Steinem and others, telling women that they could do anything and everything men could, and more. Yes, women were led to believe that they could climb the corporate ladder and support themselves. Women were told that they were as smart if not smarter than men, and they could take care of  themselves, have babies, and no longer needed men. With women's new found independence and liberation they were also told that it was okay to have sex before marriage. Not only were women now giving up their virginity prior to being married, but they were also able to sleep around with anyone and everyone if they chose. It was the seventies and women could work, drink, smoke, drug and have sex just like the men. Hey, women were told,  "You've Come Along Way!" Really? Have women really come along way?

     As a divorced woman in the year 2015, I beg to differ with women's coming along way. In some ways I think women are somewhat better off, but on the whole I think the women's revolution was the worst thing that happened to men, women, children, and this country. I think before the days of Gloria Stienem and womans lib, women were far better off and happier for it. Seriously, back in the fifties and early sixties women waited for marriage to have sex, and women were treated a whole lot better. The men respected women, the men wanted to be better men, the men wanted to impress. Men had to get married if they wanted sex with the intelligent, classy, nice girls and they did. Back then the only women that slept around were the homely, dumb, cheap girls that HAD to sleep around just so they could have a date. Back then the sluts couldn't get married as no one wanted a used woman. Blunt, but true, the attractive girls, the intelligent girls, the athletic girls, and girls with personality didn't have to give into men, because they were worth more than being an easy lay. Unfortunately women were led to believe that they could jump into bed just like the men. Newsflash, women can't. Men will always be studs, and women will always be sluts. The only difference is today men don't have to settle for a loser to have sex, men have their pick of the litter. The sad truth is most women still give their hearts away as most women do not have sex without deep emotion. With every failed relationship a woman loses a piece of her heart. Today a woman's only hope for a man to want her is that her man likes her enough to stick around, and maybe even marry her. Unfortunately today marriage is as disposable as yesterday's garbage as men seem to like a newer model, a younger model or a richer model.

      Have women come along way? Well, I happen to think not. Before women became liberal nuts, women got married, stayed home, had children and raised their children. Men actually took care of their wives and were happy to do it. Women cleaned their homes, did lunch with friends, worked on various charities, did errands for their men and families, and were present for their little ones. It was a time when family actually "meant" something and wasn't just something one did for appearance. If a woman wanted a baby she could have one and she could be home for them. If a child had a traumatic day at school he or she could go home and cry and their mother's shoulder. Mothers did homework with their kids, watched their kids take riding, tennis, or golf lessons, and later made dinner and women were happy to do it. Back in the days of stay at home Moms, I believe life was better. Women were less stressed, men were the breadwinners, and kids were less likely to be fucked up on drugs, or less inclined to become pregnant by the age of sixteen or screwed up psychologically. 

     "You've Come Along Way Baby." I think not. We women are less respected and treated worse than ever before. Women that would like to be stay at home Moms are now expected to work as men feel all women should work. One man I dated actually asked me what could I bring to the table? I wanted to gag! Sadly today love and attraction seem to matter little as both men and women now look for a partner to enhance their bank accounts and not enhance their lives, hence the reason for infidelity and failed relationships. Personally I am not impressed with the present way of dating and relationships, and perhaps that is why "I'd rather be single...for now!
(c)Sean Bianca 2015



Thursday, February 12, 2015

Do All Men Cheat?

      "Men will be men and cheat." "All men cheat." "Men think with their penises and not their heads." "Men are incapable of being monogamous." These are just a sampling of how many women feel about men and their being faithful. Apparently I have been living under a rock in that I truly believed that there were a few good men out there that were capable of being faithful. Is it true? Is it true that all men are incapable of being with just one woman? Is it true that it is impossible for a man to be faithful to his wife, fiance' or girlfriend? Are women jaded by past experiences or are they correct? 

       Do all men cheat? As bad as the majority of men are I guess I still had a shred of hope that there were still a few "good" guys. I really thought that some men did have scruples and values. Perhaps I've been a dreamer. I truly was of the belief that there was someone for everyone and that the someone would be faithful.I also gave men credit for outgrowing wanting to bang anything and everything. Maybe I've been naive in believing that men could be loyal to just one woman. Am I that dumb to have hope for myself and my friends to be able to meet our one true love who will love us through sickness and in health, for richer for poorer, through thick and through thin? 

      Monogamy, is it a thing of the past or is it something that never existed? Is the institution of marriage and faithfulness gone with the lack of morals and accountability of today? Sadly men being loyal to one woman may just be an impossibility. It is said that when men cheat that men are "just" having sex. Well that makes me feel so much better. Let me attempt to understand. If a man has a fling with some random chick, it's not love it's"just" sex, and that man still loves his wife, girlfriend or whatever? I'm not buying it. I'm not buying it as if a man truly loved the woman whom he claims to love then he wouldn't do something to hurt her. When a man cheats he might as well stick a knife into a woman's heart. It's unforgivable! Just because a man claims it was "just" sex does not heal a woman's broken heart. I ask how many men would forgive a woman if she "just" had sex, but claimed to still love her man? None or next to none! 

       A friend of mine who was was Latina informed me of a saying that Latin women had,"What my eyes can not see, my heart can not feel." These were words she lived by. In essence she told the love of her life, and father of her children that if he felt the need to stray that he respect her feelings and stray far away. I thought it was the dumbest thing I had ever heard. In my opinion one was giving their husband or significant other carte blanche to cheat. As long as a man had his affair in another city, state, or continent, it was okay. It's not okay! It's dishonest, it's disrespectful, and it's wrong. While many Latin women may be aokay with their man jumping in bed with another woman in another county, or country, I am not, and neither are a lot of women. Who wants a man that's had sex, excuse me "just" sex with some random woman? That woman may well be the best sex that man has ever had. That woman may have a perfect figure. That woman may well have a disease, and it's being "just" sex doesn't help if one catches something. A woman being told that it's "just" sex doesn't change a man's wishing his wife were as pretty, thin, or as good in bed as the "other" woman. 

     Do all men cheat? I really hope not. I do know of how one woman kept her hubby faithful. She told her husband of the horrors of AIDS and HIV on an almost daily basis. This poor guy was terrified to try and bed another woman. Another woman informed her husband that if she ever caught him cheating she would cut "it" off. Her husband was also petrified to stray. Other women just don't let their men out of their sight to ensure their men don't cheat. Seriously, many women work with their husbands as to never be apart from one another. It is difficult to cheat with one's wife attached to one's hip. As these women may well keep their men faithful, is it worth it? I want a man that WANTS to be faithful. I want a man that has little desire for another woman if he is with me. Is it okay for a man to "look" at another woman? Of course it is, but it is not okay to do anything else with another woman. I guess if a man has to be forced into staying faithful, I wouldn't want him. I also would not want a man who had "just" sex. Do all men cheat? I hope not, but if they do, "Id rather be single...for now!
(c)Sean Bianca2015




Sunday, February 8, 2015

Remember When Men...

Remember when men would call on a Wednesday for a date on Saturday, or when men would pick up a woman for dinner at eight? Remember when men would gladly pick up the check, and not expect sex after dates one, two or three? Remember when a man was satisfied with "just" a kiss? Or when a man would open a door, pull out a chair, and walk by a woman's side?  Or remember when a man would surprise a girl with flowers on a day other than Valentine's Day? Remember when a man would "dress" for a date? And lastly, remember when a man would call a girl after a first date to thank her for joining him? 

   Sadly I had forgotten when men behaved like gentlemen until reading an article on men and how they "used" to behave. The article brought me back to when dates were "real" dates. Upon looking back I realized that it's been quite sometime since I've had a "real" date. While I've been in relationships since my divorce in 2007, and while I've been on many dates as well, it dawned upon me that I've been on very few "real" dates. It also hit me, that men today are clueless as to how to treat a woman, act like a gentleman, and how to date.

   Is it that men have forgotten how to treat women today, or is it that women have allowed men to treat them in less than spectacular fashion? Which came first? There was a time when a man would not even think of asking a woman to "meet" him for a drink, coffee, or a movie. Men actually wanted to pick up a woman from her home to take her out, and not just meet her someplace. Men also would call a woman three or four days ahead to ask a woman out. Nowadays men think nothing of texting a woman to go out  for a drink or a bite in less than an hour. Regretfully I've succumbed and gone out with an hours notice. I admit it, I along with thousands of other women have allowed myself to be treated like an after thought or  a last option. I've actually thrown myself together in a matter of minutes so that I could have a "date". The pathetic thing of it is I didn't have a "date" I had casual half assed rendezvous at best.

    Why have I and other women allowed ourselves to not be treated like a real "lady"? I guess, due to the fear that if we demand more then perhaps the men will not want us. God forbid we be "single".  The truth is the men who do not call us in advance for a date do not really want us and we might as well be "single". The men who care not to get in their car and drive to pick women up for a date are not really into the women, and the men that only want to meet for a drink or coffee are not looking for a relationship, but merely a "hook-up". These men that don't pick up the phone to thank women for a nice time, are not falling head over heels, they're falling over with laughter at how "easy" and desperate women are. No when men that feel that little effort is needed to court a woman, they are not really interested in the woman at all. The truth is if a man does have real feelings for a woman, that man will call days ahead for a date. Not only that, but a man will also gladly drive to Timbuktu for a date, will gladly pay for dinner, and will not have a timeline as to when sex should be had. A man who is really "into" a woman does NOT keep a score card of how many dinners versus how many sexless nights.

   Hindsight is indeed twenty twenty. In looking back I made excuses for men and their poor behavior. I figured men were busy with work, family and friends, and had forgotten to call me sooner for a date. I made the excuse that I lived too far away and therefore I should drive to meet my date. I dated one man that actually  flew from New Jersey to see me, and yet I accepted a men living some thirty minutes away or less not picking me up. I accepted men not treating me for dinner as times were tough. I guess times are tough if a man is unemployed. Yes, I continuously made excuses for men that clearly were not worth my time,my breath, my gas, and wear and tear on the car. Thankfully I finally came to my senses and realized that If I am not worth a man's tank of gas, and wear and tear on his car then he is not worth mine either.

    Why do women accept mediocrity from men? Simple. Women accept being treated less than because they don't want to be alone. Most women, myself included would much prefer to be in a relationship with someone than not, but is it worth the cost? I dated one man that not once picked me up for a date. The best day of my being involved with him was the day I informed him that I did not want to drive down to see him ever again and that it was over. This man had been out of town for two weeks and he expected me to drive to him. Not only that but I was summoned to drive to see him on the day and hour of his call of course. I might have expected such immature, careless behavior from a teenager, but not from a fifty something. The fact is I'm worth more than having a man call me at the last minute. I have a great wardrobe and dammit all I want the time to get glammed up. I'm through rushing to pull myself together for so much nothing. I'm also worth a man's tank of gas, wear tear and mileage on his car  and so much more. Most women are worth a whole lot more than men are giving them credit for and it's quite unfortunate. Perhaps if women cease to say "how high", when an man says "jump", cease to drive to a man's home to watch a movie, or stop meeting men for drinks and booty calls, men will change, they'll have to change. If women start to demand more from men then just maybe the men will again be gentlemen. Perhaps our mothers, grand mothers and great grand mothers had it right when they forced men to treat them well. The men actually respected the women and the women respected the men as well. After pondering today's dating or lack of "real dating", I've decided I'm done with men treating me less than. I'm also done accepting poor behavior. I want a man that really truly wants me, and wants to put forth more than just a little effort in courting me. Until I find him, "I'd rather be single...for now!"
(c)Sean Bianca 2015


Friday, February 6, 2015

Phone Sex!

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 "Oh, Oh, Oh, baaaaby, right there, there, there, oh more, more, yes, yes, yes, YESSSSSSSS !" Phone sex, I've done it, friends have done it, and chances are most of us have done it at one or more times in our lives. Phone sex is just something we women do to please our men from time to time. Is it something women need? No. Is it something we women enjoy? We could probably take it or leave it, but it is an activity that most men seem to fancy, and why I will never know. How a man can get excited just from the sound of his woman's voice is beyond me, but apparently they can. As a good stiff wind is all is need for many men to get hot and bothered, a man being turned on by a woman's voice should not be of surprise. Bottom line, men love to participate in phone sex.

   The first time I was asked to perform sex via phone I was clueless as to what I was supposed to say or do. I just didn't get it. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to use my own voice, attempt a sexy voice, raspy voice, I just didn't know. Being one who could do dialects quite well I wondered if I should use my sophisticated British accent. I was pretty sure my old British lady voice would not be the voice to use, but I just didn't know. I thought perhaps "Marilyn Monroe", would be a good pick, but again I was at a loss. Did my man want "me" as "me", or did my man want some bimbo sex kitten from 1-800- Sex- such and such, I wasn't sure. All in all I thought "phone sex" was a bit ridiculous, but what the hell? I was a virgin who didn't know much, but I was pretty sure that I could not lose my virginity, nor get pregnant from phone sex, and that was all that mattered.

        As I got older I remained indifferent on sex by phone, but when in a serious relationship went with my man's desire for  sassy and sexy chit chat. Many times it was a relief as when my man was satisfied he was also FINALLY  able to get off of the phone. I personally could take or leave phone sex, but a man or two whom I dated seemed to find it necessary. As I was in serious relationships with these men I complied.

      Phone sex is just one of those things that many men like. It's something that we women do to keep our men satisfied or somewhat satisfied when we are apart. Phone sex is something that we women may not jump for joy over, but we do it. I'm quite sure men think that we women are thoroughly enjoying phone sex as much if not more than our men, but we are not. Many times we are flipping through fashion magazines, doing our nails, cleaning our homes, cuddling our dogs, or watching television. Disappointing as it may be, we women just don't get off on phone sex like men, but we do it to please. We do it to make our horny men, happy men!

      While phone sex is an activity that I and many women have participated in with our partners, it is NOT an activity to take part in with EVERY Tom, Dick, and Harry! No! I'm sorry phone sex is not something a woman does with EVERYONE! Somehow, someway, there are men that think nothing of asking for phone sex after only 2-3 dates! Seriously? Yes! Just recently a friend was asked by a new love interest to help get him off. He was "hard" for her. Really? Yes, really. This man had taken my friend out all of three times, and he had the nerve to ask for phone sex. My friend had shared all of two platonic kisses and this man informed her that he was "hard" for her? What a flipping freak! Guys we women do not want to hear that you're "hard, horny, hot, or anything until we have gotten to know you just a little. My poor friend now has a vision of this man holding his unit in one hand, and the phone in the other. This is not a picture one wants of a man whom one has been out with all of two or three times. It's disrespectful, gross, tasteless, and classless!

     Oh yes, do it to me, yes, yes, yes, ahhhhhhhhhh. Yup phone sex lingo, we all are capable of performing it, but with one whom we're seriously involved, not a post first date, or new romance. I guess I and friends are somewhat particular when we engage in phone sex. I guess I would hope men would share my sentiments. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe all men get off whenever the phone rings and it's a woman whom they have dated. Maybe I'm oblivious. Just maybe all men are "hard" when they speak to their women. Maybe all men do themselves while gabbing on the phone. I just don't know, and frankly I don't think I care to know. What I do know is that I am not one to go along with the phone sex charade with everyone and anyone, and if a prospective love interest did propose phone sex after only one or two dates, I would walk away and say, "I'd rather be single...for now!
(c)Sean Bianca 2015 


Thursday, February 5, 2015

My Deepest Sympathies To Men!

       Men may well be schmucks, shits, cheaters, and dingdongs, but I really have to express my deepest sympathies to men in the month of February. As this second month of the year holds the most hated holiday of the year by many men and women. Valentine's Day, the day of  candy hearts, chocolates, cards, balloons, bears, bouquets, and diamonds. Yes the day of romance is indeed the ever dreaded holiday by both men and surprisingly women.

      I personally feel sorry for men at this time of year. February 14th, is the official day for men to look like complete sapps as men near and far run around with flowers, big bears, and heart shaped boxes filled with fattening chocolates. These men really have to feel like complete ass whipped idiots, but do it anyway in the name of love. For a good many men, cute romantic gifts will not be sufficient as their lovely ladies will demand reservations at the best restaurants, jewels, romantic weekends and spa getaways. Men really do have it rough on this romantic holiday as it is a holiday that can make or break many a relationships.

     I ask why do we have this most hated holiday? As much as men believe women love Valentine's Day, they are wrong. We women dislike it as well. It is a day that demands men be nice to their women. It is a holiday that demands men be romantic and cough up gifts. In many cases men are resentful and therefore do nothing, or next to nothing. While I don't blame these men I also do not think men should take their frustrations out on their current love interest. The truth is most reasonable women do get it, but like it or not it's a stupid holiday that can not and should not be ignored.

    I personally dislike Valentine's Day in that it's just plain awkward. If one is in a serious relationship then women feel that a man should do something wonderful. Unfortunately women all have friends and we all have at least one friend who has a husband or boyfriend that just does it up right. This one friend's man will no doubt be gift our friend with some gorgeous watch, necklace or bracelet, take her to some five star restaurant and then surprise her with reservations at the Ritz. This one friend will make every other man look like a complete ungiving loser. Sadly the loser may well love his woman as much or even more than the big shot but his woman will feel unappreciated and miserable at what little was done for her. On the flip side if a couple is newly dating the holiday is awkward as well. Some men in new relationships will either do nothing, or avoid the whole holiday all together. What men do not realize is a woman in a new relationship does not expect the sun, moon, and stars. A woman also would be quite spooked if a man whom she had just started dating did do anything grand, as a man newly in a relationship would be insane to do anything over the top. However, flowers would be nice, but nooooo, many men will just think that ignoring the whole hellish holiday is the best policy. Unfortunately it is not. In ignoring the holiday the woman feels unwanted, or feels that there must be another woman who her new love is wining and dining on the delightful evening of Valentine's Day. In essence men just can't win. 

     On this Valentine's Day I no doubt believe that there will be break ups, make-ups, satisfied men and women in the bedroom as well as unsatisfied men and women in the bedroom. While those coupled will be wining, dining, swooning and mooning, singles will be happy to be alone and not at risk for disappointment. This year the long awaited "Fifty Shades Of Grey" will premiere and be the focus of many on this Valentine's Day. Men will no doubt be dragged to see what a real man does with his woman, and be later tested at home. As women will be dreaming of "Grey", while their man is in their bed, their man will be dreaming of sleep and getting ready for work the next morning, and I have to feel sorry for these men. Seriously, I would like to express my deepest sympathies to men on this Valentine's Day, and I am just very happy to be saying, "I'd rather be single...for now!"
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