Friday, December 19, 2014

Greedy Girls And Gifts!

         As men are far from perfect, women are less than too. The fact is no one is perfect, but these days many men and women are just brutal when it comes to affairs of the heart. A large majority of men use women for sex, and some women too, but there is also a good many women that use men for what they can get out of a man, and Christmas time is not the exception.

   Christmas, a time of year that should be filled with joy, family, generosity and happiness, is also a time of year filled with greed,and lots of it. I hate to say it but women can be the worst at Christmas time. As I watch men frantically shopping around the holidays, I wonder if the woman for whom he is shopping is as crazy about him as he is for her. Unfortunately all too often, women tend to stick around during the holidays, and stay in unsatisfying relationships. Why? The gift. Yes it's called what can I get out of the poor schmuck that's in love with me? As I many times have ended relationships or not started relationships as to avoid Christmas, some women stay so that they have a boyfriend at Christmas. Rather sick, but true. I never wanted a man whom I was not crazy about to spend money on me for a gift as I would have felt trapped. Yes, I would feel after receiving a gift that I would have to stay. Many other women stay with their men just so that they can get what they can out of the men with whom they have been involved who they have no feelings of love.

     Rather sad. A man takes the time to buy a woman a gift to impress and please her, and she's thinking " what a dumb ass, great gift, but after Christmas, I'm gone!" Sadly many of these using, greedy girls get the nicest gifts. No these women aren't receiving trivial gifts such as perfume, massages, chocolate and flowers. These women get men to buy them diamonds, furs, Chanel and more. It's truly remarkable. I am amazed at how many men truly love greedy girls. The greedy girls are the ones that seem to receive the best gifts and it's really a shame. Greedy girls and gifts, a sad combination during the holidays.


 It is said that the choice of a man's gift reflects a man's love for a woman, and I find that to be true. I guess that's why I find women who are not in love, accepting gifts of substantial worth so bad. If a man buys his woman a diamond necklace, it's because he adores her and wants to take her out an observe his gift on his loved one's neck. This man loves this woman and yet this woman does not love him. In my opinion women that plan on dumping their men or who are not in love with their men should not accept gifts of worth. It's not right. It's being shallow, greedy, and downright mean, but then many women are mean.

      How many times do women use men for free drinks and dinner? Several! I had one friend that would flirt with just about any man that would buy her a drink or dinner. I observed more guys fall for her flip of the hair, her flattery, and charm. She was good. And gifts? She got gifts alright, and they weren't from Target, they were from Tiffany's, Gucci, and such. Why this girl could fake liking just about any man. Fat, old, ugly and gross, she charmed them all, and they all took the fall. One guy was a good friend, I begged her not to have this man, who was also my friend take her to an expensive restaurant, but she did, a nice time was had, and she never accepted another date from him again. Greedy girls, they do exist.

     Greedy girls and gifts, that's what they are. Make a man fall in love with you, stick around at Christmas, and see what you can get, it's all a game.Unfortunately it's not a game. Feelings are at stake and although a man may well afford the gift or gifts he's bought, he can not buy his happiness. I'm single this Christmas and I need not be. I too could be being courted during the holidays and yet I choose not to be. I don't want a man who has true feelings for me to spend his time, money and emotion on me if I am not crazy in love with him. It's wrong and that's why "I'd rather be single...for now!"
(c)Sean Bianca 2014

Thursday, December 18, 2014

How Do I Get Rid Of The Woman In My Place?

         "I need your advice, I have this girl in my apartment and I need a way to get rid of her, do you have any suggestions?" This question was posed to me recently. A man invites a woman to stay with him from out of town, and after a few days decides he's had enough, and is tired of having her around. I must admit I did not feel sorry for this man. I didn't feel badly as before this woman came to visit this man knew that this woman was not for him. My question is why does a man have a woman come to visit whom he is not really into? Next why does a man have sex with a woman with whom he is not in love or crazy about? I suppose the answer is simple. Men want sex and all sensible thinking is thrown by the wayside once the thought of sex enters a man's mind.

     Let me get this straight, a man invites a woman to his home for two weeks and soon after she arrives decides that it isn't working for him? Yes. I can not even begin to imagine. I guess I have a hard time understanding how a man can jump into bed with a woman whom he can not tolerate for more than a few days? Perhaps one should not be doing the somethin somethin with one that they are not just dying to have by their side morning, noon, and night? Just a thought. 

    Is sex that meaningless to men that they need not have much chemistry with a woman to consummate the act? Apparently so. I have difficulty in understanding having sex with someone with whom I am not in love, or at least like for heavens sake. What I have difficulty understanding, men do not. Men from here to East Jesus have sex with women just to get their rocks off. Why? It is my opinion that sex is far better with one whom we are in love, than one we are not. Knowing that, I ask why bother? Why bother, as why have mediocre sex with someone that one does not care to see for more than a hot moment? Why not wait to explode and make mad passionate love? Or is real love and chemistry lost in this day and age of texting, iming, facebooking and instagraming? I'm not impressed. I'm not at all impressed with the hows and whys of men and their choices in whom they sleep with.

      As I was asked how a man could get rid of the woman in his apartment, I ask how could a man have sex with a woman that he does not want around him for more than a screw? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is always a chance that the woman could get pregnant. I guess I have the opinion that if one would not care to have a bouncing baby with a woman then just maybe one should not be having sex with that woman. Just saying. The fact is every time a man sticks it somewhere female, there is a chance that a woman could get pregnant. A good lot of men will say well she can get an abortion. True she could, but what if the woman doesn't want an abortion? Gee bet men never thought of that. Guys just assume that women will get rid of an unwanted baby. Well to assume is to be an ass. Many children are born today out of many a man's wham bam thank you mam!

     I have a question? Aren't men bored with meaningless sex? After 30 doesn't one tire of juggling women and always being on the prowl? As an adult I would hope both men and women would strive for meaningful relationships and not just relationships of sex, fun and pointless meetings? I would also think men would be over the how to get rid of a chic after a night or week of lust. Maybe I just give men too much credit. I like to think that men are capable of thinking with their minds and not their penises. What I like to think and what the reality may be, is quite sad and pathetic in my opinion, but then who am I to judge? Yes indeed who am I to play the devil's advocate?

    Who I am, is someone to whom a question was asked as to how to dump a girl. Well, my advice was one of pure bullshit, but it was what I thought to be the best advice I could give. Essentially how to kick a woman out of your home without looking like a complete shit. Otherwise known as how to polish a turd. Well as life has a funny way of working out, my advice was unneeded. When this man went home he was greeted by a "Dear John" letter. Yes the woman decided to leave before he could kick her out. Score one for the woman! I did mention to this young man that "the Brazilian" as he termed her, probably sensed that she was unwanted and that getting rid of her shouldn't be that hard to accomplish, and I was right! As this man was torn as to how to break it to this woman that he wanted her gone, turned out she wasn't crazy about being there either! I have to ask why did either one of these people jump into bed together? Was it really worth it? They both risked possibly having a baby, or getting a sexual disease for what? For so much nothing I'd say, but whom am I, but a woman that was asked how do I get rid of the girl in my place?

    If one is truly honest with one's self I think they really need to think about with whom they are are having sex. I don't know but lets be blunt, you are sticking your thing into a woman, shouldn't you like the woman? Shouldn't you have fun with the woman and want to actually hang out with the woman for more than the act of sex? Shouldn't you at least be "in like" if not in love? Likewise if you are a woman you are allowing a man to place his unit into your hooha, shouldn't you be somewhat taken by the man? Call me old fashioned but I do feel sex should go back to "making love". Unfortunately today a majority of couples are not in love and I feel that it is the reason for such discontentment in relationships. Perhaps if we take the time to wait for the right one and the real thing to find us, we will someday have the relationship we hope for. We also won't have to figure out how to nicely kick out a woman or man of our apartment. I know if I were a guy that had to deal with how to ditch a girl from my home, or a woman wanting to ditch a man from my home, I'd definitely be saying, "I'd rather be single...for now!"
(c)Sean Bianca 2014

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Lost Loved Ones At Christmas


 I'm forty seven years old and to this day Christmas has never been the same as when I was a child. When I was a young girl Christmas consisted of my parents packing the car with gifts, lots of gifts, to make the trip to Maine with Mom, Poppa, and family. Mom and Poppa were my grandparents and they were "Christmas". As the apple never seems to fall very far from the tree, my mother was also Christmas. Every year my mother would over shop for all, which made for one very full car of gifts. So much so, that my parents and I could barely fit in the car with the presents. Nonetheless that was the start to Christmas. A packed car with goodies, and Mommy, Daddy and I all singing Christmas Carroll's on our journey  from Connecticut to Maine. Maine, our Christmas destination year after year.

         What was so special about Christmas in Maine? Was it my grandmother's great cooking, my grandfather's jokes, getting dressed up and going to various parties, seeing cousins, skiing? What was it? Well it didn't hurt that Mom and Poppa had a ballroom that was decorated like a Christmas Wonderland. They had a silver revolving tree with pastel lights, and presents that went almost completely around the room. It was a dream, but it was real. I was lucky, I didn't know how lucky. The truth was, getting dolled up and pretty was fun, a room full of gifts was any kid's fantasy, Mom's food was divine, skiing was a blast, but Mom and Poppa were anything, but last. My Mom and Poppa were what made the holidays.

      Upon arriving in Maine I couldn't wait to jump out of the car to see my Mom and Poppa and give them a hug, and be hugged. Mom and Poppa were Christmas, and once Mom and Poppa were gone, Christmas was never the same.Thanksgiving, and Christmas are never the same for many people, making the holidays a tough time for many. Some of us have lost parents, some have lost siblings, and most of us have lost our grandparents, and most certainly our grandparents. Some of us have lost spouses, fiances, and significant others. Others that are most unfortunate have lost children, and let us not forget family pets. Not having loved ones around the holidays is rough, it's difficult for everyone, and as we are still alive we must make the best of the holidays without those who have passed before us.

      Many would ask how be it possible to enjoy such an important holiday with traditions of families without loved ones? I personally have had a hard time as so many of us do, and that is a crime. As Christmas is the birth of Christ, we are meant to be joyous, thankful and celebratory at this time of year. Likewise as Hanukkah is the Jewish version of Christmas it is also meant to be enjoyed. The holidays are not meant to have the affect of a funeral, however for many of us it is much like a funeral. Our loved ones whom have passed would not want us to feel despair, but joy at this time of year.

     Joy at Christmas time without loved ones is not an easy task but not impossible either. Many men and women have said that if they could just know that their loved ones were okay they could feel some sense of relief and comfort. Others have said if they could just send a card, or have a quick chat they would also feel somewhat better without loved ones at this time of year. The truth is our loved ones are not gone, they are with us in spirit forever and ever. True we can not see them, talk to them or embrace them, but we can feel their presence if we allow their memories to never die. As I was reading an article written by a rabbi I was touched by his ideas of how one might make the loss of a loved one or ones somewhat easier. The Rabbi suggested when dropping a coin in a Salvation Army can, to say a prayer or make a wish in a loved one's memory, or donate to a charity in a loved one's lost, name. He also suggested that one might go to one's church or Sine-god and pray for their loved ones. In reading this article it made me think and it made me think that although Mom and Poppa and others are no longer around at Christmas, they need not be present in the physical form but they are still with us in spirit.

      Christmas and the holidays are to be celebrated, and if we allow the memory of loved ones to remain in our memory forever our loved ones lost will never really be lost at all. As I do believe I have been somewhat bitter in Christmases past I will not be this Christmas. I will remember my lost loved ones, and even speak about them as to never let my loved ones be lost this holiday. If I close my eyes real tight and take myself back, I can almost feel like I am back in that ballroom of Mom and Poppas, and I can feel the love and joy that was had and is never lost this Christmas. Today I am reminiscing of Christmas as a child and not thinking much at all about, "I'd rather be single...for now!"
(c)Sean Bianca 2014


Friday, December 12, 2014


   "You don't drink?" My response, "no I don't". Reply, "what's wrong with you?"Why does something have to be wrong with a person if they choose not to drink? Go to a party and tell someone that you'd like a glass of sparkling water and they just about fall over in disbelief! It's as if they are speaking to some sort of alien that just arrived on planet Earth. Seriously, it's rather funny really. 

             Not drinking is new for me, and it's been good for me. I feel better, I look better, I no longer meet men with clouded judgement. Come to think about it , without clouded judgement I have found that there are no men out there worth meeting. If there are I have yet to meet them. Now upon meeting a man out and about where alcohol is involved I am not polluted, and therefore men are no longer capable of dazzling me with their bullshit. Funny how men are without words when they can't shoot their mouths with nonsense. Hence why I have not met a great guy. Not only are men without the ability to amuse me with unimportant matters, but they are also not as attractive as they are when I am somewhat intoxicated. Going out sober I have found that for the most part people are quite unattractive. Seriously, and I'm not speaking only of the men, the women aren't all that special either. 

     "You don't drink?" If I had a dollar for every time that's been said to me I'd be playing golf as much as our President! I'd be a very rich girl indeed. Unfortunately no one is paying me not to drink. No one has to, it's a choice. A choice I made a couple of years ago, and for now I think I'll stick by my choice not to drink. The truth is I wish I could go back in time and have never have had a drink when meeting the opposite sex. The men I chose to date were less than spectacular. They were anything but, they weren't even good. Had I not had a cocktail or two I might not have dated any of the men I've dated. Much more I probably would not have stayed in relationships I stayed in had I not had a false giddiness to make me stay. Have a martini or two and even the likes of Charles Manson can be charming I'm sure.

      "You don't drink?" No not at the moment and I'm quite proud. At the ripe old age of 47, I am without a puffy lush face. The fat face of an overaged alcoholic is enough to make anyone quit drinking. It's really something. As if the fat, bloated face is not bad enough, add the fat nose and the rosey cheeks. A woman of 57 that drinks, looks like that of 77. The men have big bellies, their heads disappear into their necks, their chins look like SHar Peis, and intellect, tact and good manners are not. No, I don't drink anymore. Is it a crime? Ask a heavy drinker and they'll say just about. One man asked me if I were Muslim? Because I don't drink? Yes simply because I don't drink. Not only have I been asked if I were Muslim, but I've been asked if I were Amish. Another man asked if I were an alcoholic? How rude! What if a person were a Muslim, extremely religious, dying of liver failure, or an alcoholic? Does it matter? Does it really matter if a person does or does not drink? I think not if one is a true friend, wants to be a friend, or has good intentions. I'm happy I don't drink at present as I can meet people and actually get to know people. I now know with a clear head if I wish to get to know someone better, or not and until I meet someone sober whom I wish to get to know better, I'd rather be single...for now!
(c)Sean Bianca2014

Thursday, December 11, 2014


    "Well I usually date women in their twenties and thirties." " You know, I really like brunettes." "I always wanted a Russian." "I usually date women that are professionals." "I always date very intelligent women." "You have a little bit of a tummy there!" Translation of the previous lines, "I'm old, I'm not your type, and I'm homely, I'm boring as I am an American, I'm not successful enough, I'm stupid, and I'm fat!" Being somewhat of a drama queen, I may have exagerrated my perception of what has been said to me at various times, but like it or not, my feelings are caused from my perception of what has been said. Think before you speak!

      It is my belief that putting thought into what one says is not all that difficult. Not difficult at all unless in the middle of some heated argument. However men seem to have no qualms about just saying the first thing that pops into their little minds. Usually what initially enters a man's brain is not the best or nicest way of saying something. A man tells a woman that he usually dates younger women and he thinks nothing of it. The woman takes it as she is old and decrepit. The woman goes ballistic, is hurt, and bothered and the man is clueless. The man will go on to say that he never said that the woman was old, but that is neither here nor there because the woman perceived it as she was ancient! Likewise if a man tells a woman that the she has a little bit of a pooch or stomach, a woman will take that as she is morbidly obese. The man may even like the woman's tummy, but it doesn't matter as the woman will take it as an insult. If a man informs a woman that he regularly dates corporate women, that woman will think that the man is implying that she is a village idiot. The gentleman may have just been stating what he saw as a simple fact, and the woman will feel the man is saying that she is ignorant and uneducated. In essence men just really need to think before they open their mouths, and speak. There is a theory, "less said, best said".

       The trouble is most men do not know the first thing about tact. Case in point one man I know informed a lady he was involved with that he had always had a thing for Russian women. Well isn't that nice? The lady he was dating didn't think so. Her thought was if this man desired a Russian than he should not be involved with the likes of her anymore and pursue his lifelong dream of being with a Russian. I must say this man both disappointed, and surprised me as I thought much higher of his character being from an older generation. However far be it for me to insult a man's lifelong sexual fantasy. Oh Russians are good, they're very good. The truth is men who date Russians do get screwed every which way. They get screwed financially, mentally, and physically, but hey if American women are not enough, I say pursue those Russians and see the term "gold digger" in a whole new light!

        Men are an an interesting breed.  It's quite fascinating as I have witnessed some of the most intelligent men make the absolute stupidest statements ever. Never would I tell a man who is a builder, that I usually date attorneys. Never would I tell a blond who is short, that I usually prefer tall, dark, brooding and handsome. Never would I tell a man that I really wanted someone more brilliant, more in shape or more polished. Bottom line, if I don't like something about a man I don't have to tell him. Men know if they are not at the top of the corporate ladder, I do not need to remind them of their not being a smashing success. I need not say to a man with thinning or zero hair, "you know,I always saw myself with a man with a gorgeous head of hair!" A man knows he's bald, obviously as it's his head. I do not have to let him know that he's either losing or has lost his hair! The bottom line is, if I am not crazy in love with someone I do not need to drill it into them that they are the absolute furthest thing from being my "Mr. Right"! I think a man will take the hint without my being blunt, rude, insensitive and downright cruel. I think before I speak, unlike the opposite sex!

       A person of the opposite sex informed me that how I perceived what he had said was not his fault. Oh really? A man says, "I usually date women in their twenties and thirties and never saw myself with a fifty year old." Yes, I took this as this man was basically saying, "you're old". How else should I have taken it? My perception was what I translated this man's words to be. For the record I am 47, and not fifty and I intend to stay 47 for perhaps the rest of my life after this conversation. Until this dodo, I wasn't at all afraid of fifty as I have friends over the age of fifty that look better than a lot of thirty somethings, however now I am petrified of FIFTY!

     Think before you speak, because people do perceive things many times, differently than how something was meant. People are sensitive, and women are particularly sensitive to age.The truth is I never was sensitive to my age until I got divorced, and perhaps it is my fault that when someone tells me I am older that what they choose to date I take it as I am being told that "I am old". I always thought I'd grow old with someone, and age was merely a number. As I have dated many men younger than myself, age was never really an issue, until now. Perhaps perceptions are the fault of the person being spoken to, or perhaps words need to be chosen more wisely? The truth is if we are comfortable with where we are, no one's words will be perceived incorrectly, or if they are we will be invincible to a person's words. I guess it is my own fault that I am sensitive to conversations of age, due to my being forty seven and single. However that's been by choice as I am holding out for the man that says everything just right, and does everything just right, so I will no longer be saying, "I'd rather be single...for now!
(c)Sean Bianca 2014



Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Way To a Woman's Heart...

           Is it great sex? Is it lavish gifts, trips and fine dining, or is it respect, kindness, and friendship? What is the way to a woman's heart? Passionate lovemaking goes without saying, but it's not everything. Five star restaurants, fine jewelry, and being treated like a lady is always appreciated. A good lot of men would think treating a woman like a Princess and spoiling her silly would be a foolproof way to have a woman fall head over heels in love. However there is one thing that many men are unaware of that will guarantee that their lady will fall. What is it?

       What is the way to a woman's heart? Many things, but a closet is a guaranteed way to a woman's heart. Not just any closet, THE closet. After becoming a huge success with "SkinnyGirl", Bethany Frankl said that she wanted a closet that said, "she had arrived". Her closet in her Manhattan apartment was one of which dreams are made, or so I thought. Lisa Vanderpump of the "Beverly Hills Housewives", and "Vanderpump Rules", has a closet not from a dream but "heaven sent"! "Big" in "Sex In The City", presented "Carrie Bradshaw" with a closet to die for. A closet, that's what many women want. The way to a woman's heart is indeed with a closet.

     A closet? I'm sure men are now thinking, "I can do that"! No, no a man can't just give a woman a closet. A closet must be sacred, it must be spectacular, it must be a woman's sanctuary. A closet is almost a place of worship. As ridiculous as that may sound it's true, A woman wants to be able to display her various handbags from Chanel, Celine, Gucci, Hermes, and Bottega. A woman also wants to have the ability to view her collection of heels by Louboutin, ballet flats from Chanel, loafers by Gucci,and boots from Ralph Lauren, A woman also wants to be able to see and touch all of her cashmere, and dresses, jackets and more. A woman wants a closet where she can move freely so she is able to change her ensembles with ease. As I stated the way to a woman's heart is through not just a closet, but "the closet".

     My own personal closet at present does not say "I have arrived", but "I should depart" and up size no doubt. My closet is far from what dreams are made, it's the closet from hell. Handbags upon handbags, shoes stacked as high as clothes, and clothing so tightly hung that it's nearly impossible to get anything out, and god forbid be put back in it's place. It's no wonder that I still shop as it's far easier to shop than attempt to take anything out of my closet. I must also admit to an actual room that I transformed into a "closet room". The room as a closet is as packed if not more than my actual closet.

       My ex husband attempted to have his carpenter build me a closet without much success. Try he did, succeed he did not. Not only did I have the larger closet in our bedroom, but the one in the guest room as well. I can not begin to explain how much of an effort it was to get dressed with a quarter of my wardrobe being downstairs and another quarter upstairs. My hubby wondered WHAT took me so long to get dressed. God forbid I be looking for a dress that was not in either closet, but my closet at my mother's home. Ah yes, much of my wardrobe was at my mother's home. As most women, myself included do love retail therapy as opposed to real therapy, I must admit to a rather extensive wardrobe. Anyone married to my now ex hubby would surely have shopped too. Some unhappy wives drink, some have affairs, and some shop. I shopped. Come to think of it I shop for sport as well, and that is why I say the way to a woman's heart is through a killer closet! 

        A closet? Is that really all a man need do to have me say "I'll love you forever and ever"? Probably not, but a man with a stellar closet certainly wouldn't be a bad thing. A girlfriend of mine was once engaged to a man that had a two story closet the size of a large bedroom. I was very impressed. That is I was impressed until I noticed that this man's wardrobe filled this closet. Note to self, "never date a man with a wardrobe as large as your own, date a man with a noticeably smaller wardrobe than your own", so that one is guaranteed to have possession of the bigger and better closet! I suppose I could sound somewhat shallow? That would be true, therefore I will continue my quest to be able to someday provide myself with a sweet, sumptuous, spacious closet, or wait for "Mr. Right" to present me with a spectacular closet, and until then I'll walk away and say, "I'd rather be single...for now!"
(c)Sean Bianca 2014

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Proposal!!

       Hang out, make out, go out, cuddle, have sex, even dinner, and "see ya"! Yes, I have been proposed to, or rather a proposal was proposed to me. Although put somewhat eloquently the proposal was basically "let me screw you for a while and then when the woman of my dreams comes along, see ya!" I ask, should I have been flattered? The man who recently proposed this outstanding offer thought I should be flattered. Should I have been insulted? Insulted I was of course, but at least this person was honest. It's not everyday that a man asks a woman to screw his brains out to only dump her when a younger, prettier, more perfect model comes his way. Frankly I wasn't at all flattered, and I wasn't insulted. What I was, was speechless, amused, and rather shocked. Never in all of my years of dating have I had this outlandish of a proposal.

         After being given such a ridiculous proposal I should have slapped this man. Perhaps even given him a good kick in the ass! Who in the name of God says such a thing? Well, this man did, and he did it with a grin and with gusto. I really wanted to punch him, but in spite of himself, he is a likeable fellow and one to be humored for sure.

         Apparently I fit "some" of this young man's qualifications to be a significant other. I was told he was attracted to me despite my age. Well, isn't that quite the compliment? He says I'm"waspy". I'll say as my mother is in "The Royal Blue Book Of England", and my mother did make her debut at The Waldorf Astoria. Yes, my mother is a blue blood for real. He said I play tennis. I'll say I do as I am a Pro! I'm on the same side as he politically, come from somewhat similar backgrounds, am somewhat spiritual, but I'm...old! 

    Let me get this straight, I have a man that wants to jump into bed with me and yet he tells me that I'm too old? This man only seriously dates twenty somethings and young thirty somethings so therefore I am out of the running to be considered a future prospect as a girlfriend or wife. This man did tell me that the sex would be great, of course. What else would he have said? The sex will suck, but let's do it? He also told me that I was "hot". Hot at forty seven? How is that humanly possible? I mean I'm not good enough to seriously date, but I'm "hot" enough to hang and hook up with? 

   No, no, no. As former President Bush would say, "not gonna do it"! Why in hell would any woman with any self respect, and half a brain do such a thing? Not this woman. He's right, I'm old. I know at forty seven that I am far from being a spring chicken.I don't need a man to enlighten me on my age, but if he must then I must look at my age as well. At forty seven I do not have the luxury to waste time. I also am not interested in meaningless sex, and hanging out with someone who plans to dump me when "Ms. Perfection" comes along.

    As this man said he could walk away from me when he was ready for something real he never mentioned that I might walk away from him for something real. Then again he is a man and why would any woman walk away from such a perfect specimen of a man? I can't imagine. As this man has such a way with words I can't see any woman not wanting to be with this man. 

   Many women might wonder why I did not give this man a good kick in the ass. Me? Never, but I might tell him he can kiss my royal (literally) ass, but I won't. The truth is this is a guy that is to be humored and doesn't understand that spending time with the wrong person, will only prevent him from meeting the right person. As this man is attractive, smart, charming, and normal, I have no doubt that he will find his soul mate, as I will someday find mine. The fact is I am "older", as he pointed out and therefore I am without time to waste on frivilous affairs of the heart. As this man wants to someday meet his "one", I do as well. Therefore I'll laugh, write a blog, and continue to say, "I'd rather be single...for now!
(c)Sean Bianca 2014