Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fairytales Do Come True!

          As a young girl I like many young girls believed in fairy tales. I rather liked the whole idea of Prince charming riding up on his white horse, sweeping me up, and taking me away to live happily ever after, for ever and ever. As foolish as it sounds, as a little girl I only knew of fairy tales, and  dreams coming true. I had aspirations that someday my prince would come. Looking back, I was a care free, happy, innocent, naive little girl that believed in fairy tales, and I wonder if that was wrong. Then again I don't really know if believing in fairy tales was a bad thing, as I was gleeful, and full of hope. As ignorance is indeed bliss, I was eager, and hopeful to someday find my one true love, as I just "knew" it would happen some how, some way.

        Well, as a teen, and a twenty something, I like every one else broke a few hearts, and had mine broken as well. I ultimately discovered that real life was not at all like a fairy tale, but a nightmare instead. So desiring that fairy tale, at the age of thirty five I settled, and got married. I met my now ex-husband, and within three months, I was engaged, how happy was I? Six months later, I walked down the aisle to my demise. While the quickness, and courtship was that of a fairy tale, the relationship was not. Four years later I divorced, and found out yet again that fairy tales did not come true. 

        Fairy tales, oh how I and so many women still love a good fairy tale. Unfortunately, I and many of my friends have not experienced finding true love, and living life as a fairy tale. Many of my friends have gone through horrific divorces, break ups, and utter chaos, leaving them to lose hope in ever finding true love and romance. I must admit knowing so few gloriously happy couples has even gotten to me as well. While I am happier single, than with just any Joe Blow, I like anyone else wonders, will there ever be a "Mr. Right"? Not only that, but will there ever be a man that "gets" me, and who I "get" as well? As time passes it does leave one to lose the hope of ever finding that fairy tale, and happily ever after.

    Wrong am I, and anyone else to think that the real thing no longer exists, as I know now that fairy tales do come true. How else can one explain the true love story of a young, beautiful, single mother struggling to make ends meet, and a somewhat older, handsome, and sophisticated, wealthy businessman? Their romance was, no doubt a true, modern fairy tale romance.

   It's funny really. Just when we begin to lose our dreams, and lose hope, someone comes along to let us know that we are wrong. I truly have wondered if anyone really ever fell in love anymore. Well they do. A few years back there once was a woman by the name of Olivia. Olivia was young, beautiful, sexy, stylish, and single. Not only was she single, but she was a divorced mother living paycheck to paycheck and having difficulty making ends meet. While Olivia was happy enough as a hard working mother, she had no idea how one man would change her life forever. Not only would this young mother's life change, but she would prove the masses wrong, that fairy tales do come true.

     It all began with a blind date. Olivia had a girl friend that had planned to set her up with an attractive, older businessman. This man was tall, good looking, had an upper crust English accent, dressed to the nines, and was some ten years older than Ms. Olivia. Ten years older was a little old for this young woman, but those ten years were worn well, and after one date this man's being ten years older were soon to be forgotten. While blind dates can be quite painful, this blind date was anything, but painful. Olivia was picked up for her blind date by this distinguished gentleman in a hot little Porsche, showing little Ms. Olivia that while he was older, he had a need for speed and was full of fun. And so off they went, on what was to be Olivia's best first date ever. 

   Their first date was to be at a restaurant Ms. Olivia had looked at from afar and dreamt she'd someday be so lucky to dine. As this young woman with a young one sat down, tears welled up in her eyes as she could not quite believe how lucky she was to be sitting in this very restaurant. Not only was she lucky to be at this particular restaurant, but she couldn't believe how lucky she was to be with such a charming and handsome man. To this young woman she was dining with James Bond, and what woman wouldn't feel lucky to be dining with James Bond? As Olivia sat there, she was somewhat nervous, and intimidated until her "Bond" placed his dinner order. "Bond ordered, chips as she liked to call them, or french fries. Olivia grinned as french fries were what she would cook for both she and her son. Home cooked chips were Olivia's way of dining on a budget. They were cheap, filling and tasty. Chips were a favorite of Ms. Olivia's, and apparently a favorite of "Bond's" as well. 

     Well, that first date ended with a peck on the cheek, but the rest is history. Four years after their first meeting, Olivia, and her "Bond" married, and lived happily ever after. Olivia found her Prince Charming, and her "Bond" found his Princess. Rarely have I seen a couple so in love as they. In observance one can see that each is as in love with the other, as they are them. It's refreshing really. So few couples today are with one another just because they love one another. Money, status, convenience, and desperation are more often than not, the reasons for couples today. I've seen this couple, and they have what we all should want, expect, and deserve from a relationship. They have a friendship and chemistry that's visible to all. They have the fairy tale, and prove that fairy tales do come true. I want what they have, and until I find it, "I'd rather be single...for now!
(c)Sean Bianca 2015


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Why Oh Why Did I Go Out?


     As a married woman or as a person in a relationship, rarely did I ever go out because I thought I should. Never! I went out because I wanted to go out. I actually was in the mood to put on my heels, and a dress, and I actually wanted to mingle. Never did I ever say, "it's Friday or Saturday, I should be out". Not only that, but when in a relationship, never did I go to a specific restaurant, because it was the scene to be seen, never! Why then as a "single" do we go out because we should, or go to places we don't really enjoy to be out on the scene and seen?    

      As much as I hate to admit it, I have in fact gone out when I really wasn't in the mood, and gone to places I didn't really like. Pretty stupid really. I can't begin to count the number of times I have gone out on the town so that I would be out, and after being out, regretted being out. Seriously. Not only have I been out numerous times I would have preferred to stay in, but I have dined at restaurants, I really didn't care to dine. I have spent a small fortune on food in places of which I was not a fan, to be in a place where everyone went deemed as the local favorite. Pretty insane if one really thinks about it. I have eaten sushi when I wasn't in the mood to be at a popular Happy Hour, that never really ever is a truly "happy hour". No I have found the popular happy hours are great for mingling singles falling off bar stools and solving all the world's problems. Oh what a time one can have with these geniuses! 

       Unfortunately I all too often am uttering the words, "why, oh why did I go out?" Why do I and so many singles do this? Simple. We don't want to be single forever, and we think that by doing what we truly want to do, we may never meet anyone. While Mr. or Ms. Right will not come walking up to our doorstep, they just might be in our daily travels. Unfortunately, we think that we must go out, and we must go to hot spots whether we want to or not, and the result? Disappointment. Maybe it's just me, but it's as if I assume I am going to meet my Prince Charming because I am dressed up, and because I am at an "in" place. Instead of enjoying the food at a place I love, enjoying the conversation with friends, and being out when I truly want to be out, I am left depressed and disappointed when I go out to be out. Disappointed due to the scene to be seen is usually just the same faces, and same meaningless conversation. Depressed in that I've spent money on food I really didn't like, had calories I rather have not had and been out when I really would rather have been in with my dogs, and why? 

       One evening after being out and about all done up at a local hot spot with a friend I had to laugh. Actually not only did I laugh, but my friend did as well. We laughed, because we wasted time getting glammed up, going to a scene to be seen all for not. We admitted that we would have had more fun, and more time together had we just gone to some casual venue and hung out and caught up. Not only that but who knows we might have even met "Mr. Right", as let it be said that love usually finds us when we're not looking.

        "Why oh why did I go out?" Not anymore. Life is short, and too short to be doing things I don't want to do. While I know my Prince Charming will not show up ringing my doorbell, I know if I have one he'll find me. We don't have to go out if we don't want to, we have other options. Mr. Right can be on the golf course, tennis courts, super market, or local deli. I once had a man pick me up on the highway! One does not have to frequent places they don't like ,or go out when they'd rather be in, because they are single. I have a full life and a life, I want to live the way I want to live. I have dogs, family, friends and activities I enjoy, and little time. Too little time to be tromping around in heels chatting with some dodo when I'd rather be in on the couch with my dogs, walking on the beach, or out playing golf. Maybe I'm wrong, but I am done with saying "why oh why did I go out?" I will go where I want to go when I want to, and just maybe I will meet the one that will stop me from saying, "I'd rather be single...for now!"
(c)Sean Bianca 2015

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Just One!

Just one, that's all it takes. All we singles need is just "one" good guy or girl, to come into our lives, not an army of men and women, just, "one". I guess it hit me upon telling someone that there weren't many good men around. The woman said to me, "well you don't need to meet an abundance of men you just need to meet one man!" She was right. Sure I can and have met a lot of men, but and that's a big BUT, I haven't met many men who I'd care to get to know better, and I know I am not alone in my sentiments. 

     It's easy to meet the opposite sex, what's not easy is to find one that one is TRULY attracted to. I've often found the shows "The Bachelor", and "Bachelorette" laughable as it's just NOT realistic. The show has the "picker" choose 10 people out of 30 contestants whom they would like to get to know better. I believe the show narrows it down to three contestants. Well the truth is no matter how good looking thirty people are, one is just not going to be attracted to even five of them. At best the Bachelor or Bachelorette will be attracted to possibly two or three from the get go. Chemistry is just not something one has with everyone and it has nothing to do with looks. Not only does chemistry come into the equation, but common interests, class, religion, politics, and a person's sense of humor come into play as well. Like does the person even have a sense of humor? All of those things make or break whether we do or do not want to get to know a person better. I've met some great looking guys, but after they opened their mouths their looks lost their luster. Likewise I've had great conversation with good looking men that have nearly put me to sleep. I've also met attractive, intelligent men with whom I've rather enjoyed the conversation, but the chemistry just was not there, or the laughs were few and far between. Yes, it's easy to meet people that have one or two qualities that we may desire, but it's not easy to meet a lot of people with whom we enjoy their company and with whom we have chemistry, but we don't need to meet ALOT, we need to meet just "one".

     Just "one", that's all it takes. The trouble is meeting that "one" is literally like finding a needle in a haystack, which is precisely why people settle. People get tired of being alone and therefore they settle for second best or worse, the bottom of the barrel. I admit I have dated one or two men that looked great but when they opened their mouths I just wanted to put a sock in it. Yes I have dated a dodo or two. Here's a tip if you're with someone who is incapable of having a conversation, it's time to move on from eye candy. On the flip side if you're with someone that can't keep their mouth shut and bores you to tears it's also time to move on. The truth is it's not easy to flow into enjoyable conversation with someone, its downright difficult and sometimes painful but when you do it's worth exploring.

     Just "one" that's all we singles really need, and if one is selective and not accepting of just any Joe Blow, or Suzie Q. that comes along that just "one" will not come easily. If that "one" did come easily that "one" wouldn't be so special now would they? While no one can find everything they want in a partner I do believe we can all find almost everything we want in a partner. While yes, its hard to find several great eligible men an women, we don;t need several. All we need is just one and until that "one" finds me, "I'd rather be single...for now!"

(c)Sean Bianca 2015

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Is True Love Lost?


    True love, is it lost? I once thought anyone and everyone would find true love. If one didn't search for true love, I just knew that it would find them. Being a romantic, I guess I just assumed that all who had a desire for true love would indeed obtain a long lasting true love. I fear that my optimism and thoughts were wrong. Why I'm not quite sure. While being "in love" seems to come with ease, long lasting "true love" seems to escape many of us. I for one admit that I have many times been "in love", but I do not think I've ever experienced "true love".

     While I myself have never truly ever loved anyone, I was lucky enough to know two people who did. Those two people were my grandparents, or "Mom and Poppa" as I referred to them. My grandmother worshiped the ground my grandfather walked on as he did her. They had a marriage that lasted a lifetime, sadly something rarely seen today. The words "till death do us part" rang true in their marriage, and at the age of 69 my grandmother passed on leaving my grandfather to live the remainder of his life alone. As poetry was somewhat of a passion for my grandfather he wrote the following poem for his one true love;

 "I'll tell you that beautiful story I've told you so many times before. I love you with all my heart. How could I love you more? You're always in my dreams. You're with me all the time. I'm yours, and you're all mine. I remember so many things you and I used to do. We'll always be together just me and you. Yes we'll always be together forever and ever and ever and that's a long time Forever and ever and ever I'm yours and you're all mine."
Love Always, Your Millard

       Beautiful words for a beautiful woman. My grandfather had the poem engraved on the tombstone of his wife.  As I recently came across the poem I got somewhat teary eyed. How lucky were my grand parents to have experienced long lasting, "true love"? Never have I had a man write a poem for me, and for that matter I don't think many women have had poems written for them, and perhaps that's just it. No one writes love poems anymore as no one feels the stuff that love poems are made of anymore. Why? Why doesn't the stuff of love poems exist anymore? Is true love forever lost, or is true love only for a chosen few and why?

     True love may well be lost as I feel people have lost their way in the name of love. In today's modern world people no longer meet like normal people, and if they do they seem to not be able to behave like mature adults. Today people depend on online dating,and social media sites for their love lives to be fulfilled, and not fate, real life, and chemistry. While these modern resources may help some, I have doubts on their being successful. I'm sorry, but men and women who barely know one another hooking up after just meeting for coffee via Tinder, or match is NOT the way to true love. 

        What is the way to true love? Well if I knew I'd be writing on Sean's sure fire way on how to find true love. Unfortunately such is not the case. I guess you could say I do know how NOT to find true love, as I am quite the expert. Yes I know, as I always have that one will NOT meet their "one" in a bar or at a club. I also know that one can not let a partner "grow" on them like fungus as to make them the "one". It doesn't work. What also doesn't work is online dating. It may have long ago, but at present it's an abundance of desperate men and women looking for hook ups, money, or both. 

         Is true love forever lost? I certainly hope not, but I fear it may well be. Men and women today are in a time where real life is no longer being lived. There once was a time where a boy met a girl, eye contact was made, chemistry was felt, flirtation occurred, and the rest was history. Couples actually became friends prior to jumping into bed. Couples actually loved one another prior to jumping into bed with one another. Couples had fun and wanted to be together, and those were the couples that had found true love. Today's couples consist of hooking up and dining with their cell phones due to their not having the capability to communicate with their so called loved ones. Quite frankly the observation of today's couples is painful and pathetic to watch. 

       True love may in deed be lost. As people today seem more interested in hooking up, being seen, and being on the scene than actually meeting someone of worth who might well be that best friend with chemistry. If I had to guess most of the adults today in relationships are not truly over the moon in love with their partners. How do I know this? Simple. Go to a restaurant and what do you see? Men and women with their noses in their cell phones barely talking with one another. I guess I could be wrong but if I'm truly into the man I am with I can assure you that I will not be on my cell phone. in my opinion cell phones may be the distraction for the fact that people are not truly in love with their partners, and yes I too have been there, and I'm done.

     A best friend with chemistry was what I wanted as a teenager and what I still want. I guess I always wanted "true love", just as my grandmother and grandfather had found. True love can't be faked. and it can't be forced, I've tried. True love also can't be bought. True love just happens as and when it's meant to happen. I think deep down we all want that one true love as my grandmother and grandfather were so lucky to have found. Unfortunately in a society where everything is at our fingertips, I believe we all get impatient and settle for second best. I for one, no longer care to accept second best. I want only the best, and if I am not fortunate enough to find it, I'd rather be single...for now!
(c)Sean Bianca 2015




Friday, September 11, 2015

Is Location To Blame?


   New York, Miami, L.A., Dallas, Chicago, where is it simply sensational to be single? Well rather than be with the wrong person just about anywhere is sensational to be single, but where is it best to be single? Is it easier being single in one location over another? Are some cities better than others? Are small towns better than cities? Where in America should a single man or woman wanting to meet someone go as a single? For that matter should a single live their life on where they can meet their Mr. or Mrs. Right?

     No, in my opinion one should not just pick up and move and change their life to meet the man or woman of their dreams. While in a perfect world it would be great if one could just pick a state, move and find instant romance, it's just not probable. Not impossible, but not probable. I was told of two women that lived in Miami, Florida, moved to Hawaii, and voila they met men, married and lived happily ever after.  Another woman living in Palm Beach, moved to San Francisco and also met her Mr. Right. Here I thought San Francisco was the place to be if one were gay and this woman met her husband in the gay capital of the U.S.A.! I was advised by this woman to move to San Francisco as well, and somehow I just can't see moving in search of love that may not be found. While it works for some, and I think that's splendid for them,life does not happen like that for everyone. As I know of another young woman that had moved every three years in search of love. As of her move to Palm Beach, Florida she had not met anyone and since she is gone, I am assuming her Mr. Right was not found here in sunny South Florida.

    Location, is one's location to blame for one's being single? Perhaps. While I hear again and again that it's tough just about anywhere to meet the "right" one, I do think some places are "better" than others. Ask women in Palm Beach, Florida and hands down they will say that Palm Beach is the absolute worst place to be single. At the same time ask a twenty something in Palm Beach that's found her eighty year old sugar daddy about being single, and she'll say it's the place to be. Yes, Palm Beach is the place to be for younger women looking for men with money, but not necessarily the place to be for the woman looking for true love. Likewise ask women in Manhattan about being single, and they'll  also say it's dreadful. Apparently Manhattan is the place to be for hedgefunders looking for twenty something leggy models, but not the thirty, or forty somethings looking for romance. While Manhattan and Palm Beach are far from places for singles looking for true love, small rural towns seem not to be as well. I know of several small town folks that have struck out in the game of love themselves proving that small towns do not guarantee finding love.

        Location, location, is one's location to blame for one being single? No. I do not believe one's location is the cause for being single. I believe that if one is meant to meet someone they will, wherever they are. I guess I think life will lead us to certain places and people.  I don;t think that just because a person decides to pack up and move half way across the country that they will meet their "one". While it could happen it's not guaranteed. I think sometimes people need to let life happen and see where their life leads them. Hopefully for all singles their lives will lead them to Mr. or Mrs. Right. While I do not care for eighty year old men in Palm Beach, my life in the here and now is here and maybe just maybe my Mr. Right is right here in my present location, then again in staying here will I forever be saying, "I'd rather be single...for now?"
(c)Sean Bianca 2015



Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Fungus And Settling

 "You're too picky", my friend said. "You need to just give the guys a chance that don't thrill you, and let them grow on you, and marry one of them." That was officially the worst advice any of my friends could have given me. At the time I thought the advice to be horrible. I was not at all keen on someone growing on me. It sounded like fungus. I did not want a man to ever grow on me like fungus. I wanted fireworks. I wanted chemistry, romance, and a really cool friendship. I didn't want a man whom I intended on spending the rest of my life with to grow on me like a fungus. Unfortunately even worse than my friend's advice, was the fact that I did just that. I married fungus, and after the marriage failed I continued with that philosophy.

    How ironic that the very advice I thought to be the absolute worst advice was advice I actually took. I who doesn't listen to her mother who is almost always right took the absolute crappiest advice one could ever be given. While I get it, I don't agree with it, and I don't believe it works. In my opinion if a man needs to grow on a woman in order for her to like him, he is NOT the one. Likewise if a woman needs to grow on a man, she is NOT the one. I for one do not want to grow on a man. I want a man to be in complete awe of me, as well he should. I'm kidding of course, but what I want, is what anyone should want, a natural chemistry, where what's between two people is just different from anyone else. 

    I believe finding someone with whom we have chemistry, with whom we just naturally get along, is a lot like finding a diamond in the rough. If finding the right partner were easy, it wouldn't be so special. We should all want special, but special doesn't come along every day, fungus does. What's more is as fungus eventually becomes downright nasty, so too does a relationship with someone whom we let grow on us. Funny how as a twenty something I was selective, and unwilling to settle, and how in my thirties, and forties I've been guilty of doing just that. What did I want? I wanted a best friend with chemistry, and unfortunately I found one OR the other, but rarely both. Not having both chemistry, and friendship led to the failure of every one of my relationships including my marriage. Sadly in some instances I found neither, but I had a boyfriend, or at least I could say I'd been married!

      Looking back I realize how ignorant I was. I and so many men and women actually willingly date, and even marry people whom we know deep down are not "the one". We do this as to be in a relationship and all we accomplish is being able to say, "I'm in a relationship". We may not be "in love", we may not have someone who truly get us, and who we truly get as well, but we have a man... who grew on us like fungus. I guess hindsight is indeed 20/20. I know now I wasted time with fungus when I could have been available for the right guy to come along. As we become older I believe we become more secure with who we are and we are less afraid of being single. I for one have had my fair share of fungus, and until that one who makes my heart skip a beat comes along, I am walking away and saying, "I'd rather be single...for now!"

(c)Sean Bianca 2015




Friday, August 21, 2015

Partners And Politics!

         He's a Democrat, she's a staunch Republican, he's an independent, she's a tree hugging liberal, can they get along? Partners and Politics, can a couple having opposite political views get along? Some say it's unimportant, some say it's of the utmost importance. The question is if politics is important to one, will a relationship flourish or fail if two people are political opposites? Oddly enough the infamous liberal James Carville and his wife conservative Mary Matalin are a married couple that has survived their political differences. I have to think they are the exception to the rule or perhaps opposites attract?

       While the theory of opposites attracting one another may well be valid, I for one just can't do it. I personally have difficulty having mere friends that are liberals let alone a partner. Frankly hearing someone defend the likes of menopausal maniac Hillary Clinton turns my stomach. Seriously I get an instant ulcer. I think the woman is a lying, manipulative bitch that has no business running for the Presidency. Yet there are a few and very few at that, people that support this woman that makes Nixon look like a boy scout. Now if I have difficulty being "just" friends with someone that is a democrat, how in hell am I going to have a romantic relationship with a democrat? For that matter how can anyone with strong political views cohabitate with a partner having polar opposite political views? I for one did, in fact I married an independent!

      How did I marry someone not from the same political party? Simple, my now "ex" husband lied. I suppose he lied as to impress me and to get me. Oh he got me alright. He got me and learned just how conservative I was. As I had always displayed signs of my favorite candidate I did so as a married woman during the Bush/Kerry election. My then hubby had somewhat of an issue with my sign, so much so that he took my sign down. What did I do? I did what any self respecting female republican would do, I put it back up. Childishly my ex took the sign down again and stubbornly I put my sign back up again. I found the whole thing amusing and laughable, my ex did not as my ex turned into Mike Tyson and nearly took my nose off. Carville and Matalin my then hubby and I were not. We were far from it, and from the moment I nearly lost my nose in my support for George W. Bush I knew that partners and politics could not mix!

      While I was married to a man that chose to lie about his political party affiliation, I once dated a man that cared nothing about politics. My thought was I could mold him and recruit him to the republican party. In theory it was a good thought. In reality it wasn't happening. I was successful in turning this man into a republican, but the trouble was his way of life was very much that of a liberal. I was successful in recruiting him to the republican party, and registering to vote. I was unsuccessful in actually getting his ass to the polls, and voting. That's right I dated a man that, oh God help me, I can't even say it, I dated a man that didn't vote. Me! I actually went out with a man that did not vote in the Romney/Obama election. Why? Why had my then boyfriend not voted? Well this ding dong had been out the night before and couldn't get out of bed in time to vote prior to work. Frankly it was a miracle this man made it to work. That being said it was a miracle he even held a job. Actually two weeks later this find of mine was fired in true liberal fashion. Like I said this idiot was clearly a Democrat. It's a shame that all of the liberals that year couldn't have tied one on, gotten baked, high, and obliterated as to miss the election, we might have won! 

   Partners and politics is a serious situation. I myself feel partners should share similar political views. I speak from experience. I like my nose and nearly lost it for Bush! I'd like to keep my nose. I'd also like to keep my sanity, and therefore I also can not date a man that has little to no interest in politics. Politics and the direction of our country is far too important to me to watch someone with zero interest in our Congress, Senate and Presidency. I feel those with no interest in politics to be ignorant. The truth is the state of our nation at present is a sad state of affairs. We live in a scary world and it is of the utmost importance that we be educated and aware of what politicians are for and against. Thanks to Obama our nation has become more racist, more vulnerable to terrorism, more in debt, more barbaric, and more in trouble than it's been in years. The only ones who can change our nation's present situation is us. 

    I don't know about anyone else, but I can not date a man that is not on the same page as myself when it comes to politics. Other people may well be able to date, cohabitate and EVEN marry people having opposing political views, I can not. I can not, as frankly I'd like to strangle every democrat from here to timbucktu. It just unnerves me that anyone can be a democrat. It unnerves me even more that anyone can still today, support Hillary Clinton. The woman in my opinion is a liar surrounded with scandal, and in my opinion she should not have any support. I believe Hillary has blood on her hands as she and Obama both watched in real time the Benghazi massacre. The woman should be in jail and with the current investigation into her emails as being conducted by the FBI she just may, and if anyone can support this woman they are either ignorant, in denial, or both. Whatever the case may be, I have no tolerance for a liberal, no time for a liberal, and certainly no room in my life for a partner that is a liberal. 

    Partners and politics can be a deadly combination. Had I stayed married to my idiotic moronic independent husband I might be dead. Had I stayed with my uncaring, oblivious boyfriend with no interst in politics, I might have killed him. I'm kidding of course, however it is my belief that partners and politics do not mix. Why would the two mix? Countries go to war over having political differences. People die fighting for their political beliefs. Therefore how can two people in a relationship with opposing values, and political beliefs possibly make it for the long haul? I don't think they can, but I dare anyone to try. For myself, I've been there and done that, and I'm not gonna do it again. I need a real man for a partner, and real men are republicans. So if a good looking Democrat comes my way I'll smile think he's a hot mess, walk away and say, "I'd rather be single...for now!"
(c)Sean Bianca 2015