Monday, February 20, 2012


   As much as it pains me to admit I have in fact attempted online dating in my quest to meet "Mr. Right"and due to the following short stories one will understand just why...

      On a friend's recommendation I signed up for the site "Plenty of Fish", a free dating site with a vast number of singles looking for love. Looking for love in all the wrong places. Within the first day I had more men than I could possibly keep up with emailing and instant messaging me. Being the "selective" sort that I am I decided I would agree to a meet and greet date at a Starbucks and begin my search. Upon my arrival at Starbucks I was as anxiety ridden as one could be and then my feelings got worse as I was spotted by my "date". My "date" spotted me due to my actually looking like my picture. I initially did not spot him as he no longer had facial hair as he had had in his online photos. Facial hair I've never been much a fan of, but on him it worked. Yes this man's facial hair was indeed a necessity as it worked far better than his clean shaven face. I only spotted this man as he was holding a rather large bouquet of purple tulips with which to greet me. Not only was this man holding purple tulips but he wore a matching purple silk shirt as well. I wondered did he search out a matching shirt for the tulips or did he search out tulips to match his shirt? It was impressive and a look I wasn't particularly fond of. Imagine my embarrasment as a quite large number of people observed this rather strange looking man approaching me with a large bouquet of purple tulips. Women do love receiving flowers but not from men whom are perfect strangers.

   Pleasantries were then exchanged and we then sat down for a chat, a chat of which I knew I did not need. For I believe we all "know" within moments of meeting someone if there is a "connection" and I knew in this lifetime I would never feel a connection with this man. Regretfully I sat down as to be polite and went through the painful process of "getting to know you". Within minutes this process lead to this stranger confessing that he had had a vasectomy, information of which I did not need. How does one respond to a stranger upon this confession? Well, what was more information than I needed turned into my escape as I then confessed my desire for a child.  Quite obviously this man was incapable of fulfilling my dreams in more ways than one. Oh yes my secret desire of having a child was my  then savior! I abruptly took my purple tulips,placed them in my hand bag, thanked him and walked away. I walked away feeling quite foolish with my tulips in tow. I then did what any woman would and walked into Neiman Marcus. I was greeted by my handbag specialist who then accused  me of a fashion faux pas with my purple tulips draping from my handbag.  He asked "just what was I thinking?" Gee, I thought I had quite the fashion statement in that! I was then asked just where I had purchased my purple tulips.  As it turned out my date had been a very busy boy with a trunk full of purple tulips to hand to every woman in Palm Beach County. And I thought I was special, but I  was not as several other women  that afternoon had also paraded through Neimans with bouquets of purple tulips. As my meet and greet was a bust, I walked away knowing I'd rather be single...for now! 

(c) Sean Bianca 


  1. a guy shows up with flowers and you ditch him to go look at handbags?

    you're single because you have the personality of a coffee stain but no longer have the looks to get away with it. that stuck up act works at 23...on middle aged women it's repulsive.

  2. You'll be herding a bunch of cats in a few years.

  3. Just imagine what life is like for a woman like this. Let's be generous and give her a 20 year window of opportunity. From 14-34, the world is basically in the palm of her hand. Men looking for a trophy wife will throw money at her and do everything possible to try to impress her. She gets to reject people left and right; and draws a perverse sense of satisfaction from this power.

    Then BAM! Without warning, it all dries up. Mega successful men no longer angle for her; desirable guys view her as too old. The only suitors left are the Roto-Rooter man and various dirtbags who are as desperate as she is.

    Nature really plays a cruel trick on women who fuck around too long and don't cash in their chips on time

  4. That guy you met for a meet and greet date was lucky. He avoided having to spend any significant time with someone as shallow, petty and self-absorbed as yourself.

  5. Well it's nice to see I've gotten a rise out of somebody. Sorry but if you're trying to get me to stop my blog because you quite obviously have issues in that you are taking this way to seriously, it's not going to work. All of these negative comments I am guessing are the work of one person. Have a nice day!

  6. Try some simple grammar rules. Like breaking up that wall of text with paragraphs. It's not difficult.

    Do that, and maybe I'll read your narcissistic drivel next time...

  7. Not one person. The Trevs are legion.

  8. Don't listen to the Haterz Sean. Keep doing what you do and stay strong sister!

  9. The tulip guy gave flowers to 4 other women, he was ajerk!

  10. Someone is angry at you Sean. You must have rejected a guy with a tiny penis, a large anger issue and a slow mind. He is obviously angry and needs multiple posts to express his dissatisfaction. It makes so much more sense to enjoy your banter than to get angry at it. But do work on the grammer a bit.. LOL

  11. Have you ever written a blog post specifically about what you want in a man?

    It seems like you don't even know yourself but just get off on rejecting guys as some kind of sport.

  12. It would be nice if you showed some sympathy for the men who went out on a limb to ask you on a date and then do their best to impress you. You habe no obligation to be impressed, of course, but you could show a little compassion for other human beings, and yes they are human beings, who are just looking for the same thing as you.

    The disdain you show by demaning them to all of us shows your level of narcissism and self-centeredness. As though you have some universal right to only have the hottest and most successful men come to you since you're such a formidably precious catch.

    The fact is, you seem to resent men who would ever give you the adoration you say you want. That's why the druggies and the losers. Those men had a number one love which wasn't you and that put you in the #2 slot behind drugs, booze, and womanizing. Your attempt to fix them is not for them .. it's to get you to the #1 slot. But then that would be boring.

  13. Nailed it.

    This woman definitely has a trail of rejection in her wake. Plenty of nice men undoubtedly tried to win her over, but in her arrogance, she pursued the stimulation of asshole drug addicts.

    Now that she's middle aged she expects the world to throw a pity party for her.

    Welcome to the real world Sean. Where your looks no longer gloss over your bitter attitude and sense of entitlement.

  14. I just love how a you view this man after he tries his best and offers you flowers. It's not enough that you see him as nothing more than a two dimensional character in the play about your all imposrtant life - the thing that bothers you the most in the end is he might have given flowers to others besides you.

    You shouldn't care since you already decided this man was a no-go. But you're miffed that he didn't only have eyes for you before he disappeared into that void of things that don't exist as soon as you turn your head away.

    I wonder where you will go the day you meet one of these guys who walks away insulted that an old hag would ever consider herself to be in his league? What will you tell yourself then? How will explain why he was unable to see past your wrinkled exterior and see your brilliant loving soul inside? I'm sure your cats will love to hear the story again and again.

  15. If you had any friends who were honest they would tell you why you were still single. Sex and the City was a TV show not a lifestyle for an aging woman who wants a mate. "He had flowers that matched his shirt, i didnt like him then i went to Neiman Marcus to look at purses". That sounds so shallow I don't know where to start.

    Most men over 40 can see your act a mile a way and will run the other direction. I think the question to ask is what YOU bring to a relationship. What man of quality wants as woman with a string of failed relationships with drunks and drug addicts? That says more about you and your values and self worth than the druggies you were with.

    A lot of the comments above are pretty cruel but also pretty accurate. I would wish you good luck in your endeavour but sadly I don't think you would know what to do with it if you had it.

  16. Let me get this straight, you're a 44 year old woman who admits she fucked up a man's life by marrying him for her own selfish and dishonest reasons, spent the majority of adult life fucking a strong of junkies and alkies and has no discernible talents, education, skills or accomplishments and she sneers at men for bring her flowers?

    Is this some kind of reverse marketing site for a Sex and the City 3 movie designed to get the internet frothing for publicity?

  17. You are a shallow and increasingly bitter narcissistic sociopath with a martyr complex. Take a look in a mirror and go and get some professional help from a counselor or therapist. You are unable to have a positive relationship at this point in your life, and this is due to the lens that you look at yourself and others with.

    My other piece of advice for you is to stop watching television. You've obviously been programmed into thinking that there is some mythical "Mr. Right" out there for you, and that you know exactly what he looks like and how he behaves and relates to the world, and most importantly, you. This is delusional thinking. Once you let the delusional crap go, amazing things can happen. Right now, only negative things can happen, as you have programmed your brain to ensure that they do.

    Open your eyes. Every day they remain closed is a day you will never see again.

  18. For I believe we all "know" within moments of meeting someone if there is a "connection" and I knew in this lifetime I would never feel a connection with this man.


    Sean, this is complete nonsense and drivel. You could not be more wrong and wrong on so many levels with a single statement. Here's a thought for you to ponder: If you believe what you said here, how has it worked out for you so far in life? You clearly don't know what you're doing, and you get the same results every time. How could that possibly be anything other than insanity? I agree with a previous poster. You want to get some help post haste. The clock is a tickin' and it's not tickin' in your favor.

    What you really "settled" for has to do with you. You've got it backwards.

  19. I'm not going to lie dots, I'd throw this old bitch a bone! If you wouldn't then you are truly a :gayness:.

  20. Sean, two things:
    1) Sex and the City, as someone mentioned above, was a TV show. Carrie Bradshaw remained single because she was stuck in a permanent adolescent self-centeredness, and because Sarah Jessica Parker, sorry to say, is possibly the un-sexiest woman in America.
    2) I haven't made any of the other posts above, so these comments are all NOT coming from the same person.

  21. Ok I'm going to take a wild guess and say that your womb is probably as dead as the Sinoloan desert as a result of all the coke you snorted over the years. But if you did have a child...and that child happened to be a daughter, how would you feel about her taking the same sad path that you've taken over the years? Think about that before you attempt to push your bullshit agenda on the rest of the world; because it seems to me that you're just trying to rationalize your shitty life decisions.

    1. Sir,

      I generally agree with your sentiment, however it is called the Sonoran Desert, and in fact, its teeming with life. Perhaps "Mare Tranquilititum" would be more appropriate.

  22. Allow me to introduce you to...

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  23. Good morning. Thank you for the interesting blog.

    Your predicament interests me, as it is surprisingly common in childless White women of advancing age and a certain disposition.

    I have openend your case as a subject for discussion on the Vanguard News Network (VNN) forum, where it has garnered some interest.

    Have you considered writing an article about the Judaeo-Masonic conspiracy as it affects your plight (and vice-versa?) If you could clarify your attitude to the negroes at the same time, that would be tremendously helpful (would you / have you / how many / where, etc).

    If you are able to do this, I can guarantee a sharp incrase in traffic and thus an uptick in ad revenue, perhaps leading to this blog becoming something of an 'earner' for you in the future.

    REspectfully yours

  24. thank you for the inspirational blog. i am struggling with a similar issue as i want to leave my husband who is bankrupt and morbidly obese (587 pounds). i plan to move to new york city and live the "sex and the city" dream lifestyle. modern american men can't handle a real woman like me, 343 pounds of curvy cross-eyed deliciousness. i'm highly intelligent and i like to blog about my menstrual cycle and my ex-dog Roofus.

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